Just Diagnosed With an Ovarian Cyst? The Shocking Truth About Most Ovarian Cyst Treatment!

Dec 17 10:41 2009 J Eileen Henry Print This Article

Do you know anyone who has had a cyst on ovary and despite doing everything that their physician told them to do, the cyst eventually needed surgery to remove it? Before you blindly follow your doctors orders when it comes to an ovarian cyst...get all of the facts. I am sure that you are smart enough to realize that natural remedies exist for every disease or condition known to man...and most of them work better than traditional medicine.

I am sure that you can remember your doctor delivering the news that they had discovered an ovarian cyst...like it was yesterday. Things like that always seem to stay with you. You  visualize it over,Guest Posting and over...your head spinning from that piece of information. You do not even have time to process the fact that you have a cyst on ovary, when you are hit with...your possible treatment choices.  Some of these physicians are actually insensitive enough to press for an answer...immediately! Unless you are in intense, agonizing pain...do NOT make a decision at that time...you may regret it later.It surprises me how most people faithfully follow the conventional healing methods, complete with all of the dangerous medication...and continue to get more and more ill...and they wonder WHY! Surgery and deadly prescription drugs are not always the best solutions...in fact...they very rarely are! But...will your physician tell you that? You are smart enough to know that they will always try to steer you towards something where THEY will be compensated monetarily.So, what are your treatment choices when you have an ovarian cyst? Believe it or not, if the cyst on ovary is not causing a lot of pain or discomfort...the first plan of medical treatment is the 'wait and see' method. You reschedule another appointment in one to three months...pay for the 'care', and if the cyst got smaller...the doctors claim a victory! If the ovarian cyst either remained unchanged, or got larger...the next course of treatment could be...Oral contraceptives, or...birth control pills, are sometimes given to you to see if the cyst either shrinks, or disappears completely. The pill prevents ovulation, which allow the hormone levels to adjust, and...the cyst may very well 'just go away'. If not...The physician might suggest draining the cyst with a needle...does not sound like a great option to me. But it is actually better than...Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy...ovarian cyst surgery for short. This type of operation is less invasive...a few tiny cuts are made and a little scope is inserted that sends images to a monitor for your surgeon to see. They can remove small cysts with this type of surgery however...If there are cysts on both ovaries, the cyst is large, or cancer is suspected...the doctor will perform a laparotomy, or...open surgery.And...after ANY of the doctor's treatment options...the cyst has a very good chance of coming back...wonderful!Just between you and I...the doctor will not tell you about the treatment that is in your best interest...a natural remedy for ovarian cysts...that works on more than ninety five percent of all cysts. I know that you have already figured out why they are not going to suggest this course...you would not need to see your doctor if the cysts went away and never returned. Or, have a bunch of unsafe pain pills, hormone pills, etc. prescribed...which can sometimes cause more problems and complications than the cyst presented in the first place.The only type of cyst that this natural ovarian cyst relief secrets will not totally eliminate and keep from recurring is... a rare dermoid cyst that is filled with bone and teeth, and such. (I know...it sounds so disgusting, doesn't it) Do yourself a favor...do not commit to any of the more risky treatments until you explore all of your options...it is your body and your life!

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J Eileen Henry
J Eileen Henry

So, your doctor wants to treat your ovarian cyst with medication and/or surgery...is that what YOU want? I hate to admit it, but I blindly followed my gynecologist's advice...and the cysts returned! Don't make the same mistakes I made...try a natural remedy for ovarian cysts...first! 


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