Marrying a younger man, what you need to know

Aug 24


carmel brulez

carmel brulez

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Marrying a younger man, what you need to know helps you work out if you are making the right decision before you go ahead. It also helps those who have already taken that leap.


There are different types of women who do this and they all do it for different reasons. Firstly,Marrying a younger man, what you need to know Articles you have the cougars, such as Joan Collins, the sexy vamp type, the diva, the one who can earn her own money although she may have been with a rich and generous man before. She dresses well, she is very positive, she does not act her age but she also does not dress like mutton dressed as lamb. She has style and she has elegance. She talks nicely and she is interested in the same things as a younger person. She may go on a lot of holidays, drive a flashy car, collect handbags, have a decent bank balance, maybe own her own business or have a very well paid career or job, she is not desperate for a man to look after her in any practical way although she may have been in the past. She sees life as being about fun. She is unlikely to ever clean a toilet, peel a potato, change a nappy. If she can afford it she avoids anything like that and just relaxes. She sees men as being vital to her life and she values a man with good looks who is well dressed and presentable with charm and panache.

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Then you have the more matronly housewife type who probably works in a boring job or does not work at all and has no real skills. Her personality is quite ordinary, her looks and dress sense is ordinary. She might even be frumpy. But she is older and therefore younger guys might presume she is experienced and keen on sex. They are probably wrong because she is not that keen usually and would prefer to knit or watch television most of the time.

A typical man will always prefer the first type - the diva, but maybe end up with the ordinary one instead simply because the divas get a lot of attention and can be more fussy. Keeping one of these young men interested after marriage is difficult for them. The guy is often wanting adventure, excitement, lots of sex, lots of fun. He may work his way through money very quickly and he gets bored quickly. So a woman who can re invent herself and be exciting all of the time can keep him on his toes and keep him interested but the other type has no chance of it lasting happily if it is important to her that he is faithful. The diva type is high maintenance and hard to keep hold of.

Some young men see young women as desirable others see older ones as desirable. And much prefer whichever rather than someone in their age group. Some young men see older women as desperate and more grateful. Others like the motherly types. Others are materialistic and want a woman who is comfortable financially so that hopefully he can relax and not work at all or at least not so hard. And he does not have to contribute to the bills, or at least not so much.

There are several ways to look at the idea of marrying a younger man. You can either get together with him and enjoy each day as it happens with no thought to the future and then be grateful for whatever time there was. Or you can get together with him and worry all the time about how long it will last and when he will go off with someone more exciting and youthful. If you are extremely sexy and with it then you can get together with him and call the shots. If you are one of those sugar mummies who is with someone who is wanting you to take care of them financially and not so much interested in you then only you know if this is acceptable to you and if so you can use this to call the shots too. Do remember that when a youngster is keen on an older female it is usually all about sex. They are not interested in finding a wife or moving in with someone or helping you with your problems. 

But there is nothing to say that the relationship between a younger man and an older woman will not work out. After all, lots of relationships between people of the same age and type go wrong. Marrying a younger man, what you need to know.

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