Teak Wood For Your Patio Furniture

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Teak wood patio furniture is a worthwhile investment. Taking care of it does not require a lot of time and its maintenance is very minimal. If you used cushions on them, it will probably take a number of cushion replacements before you will have to replace the teak furniture itself.

Furniture placed outside your home can really add to the total beauty and presentation of your home.  Majority of builders consider wood as the most suitable material when it comes to making patio furniture.  Wood exudes elegance and it blends very well with nature. On the other hand,Guest Posting special treatments should be done to prolong its life as most lumbers are not immune to damages caused by insects and different weather conditions.

When looking for patio furniture, consider using teak wood as it is strong and hard, thus making it suitable for outdoor furniture.

A Little Background of The Teak Tree

Tectona grandis is the scientific name of teak.  It is a tropical hardwood that is native to Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Myanmar in which the latter produces about one third of the world’s teak output.  Other tropical countries including Africa are now cultivating and growing teak trees because of its superb qualities and high demand.

Teak possesses a golden brown color that is pleasing to the eye.  Its natural oils contain chemicals that somewhat prevents termites and other insects from taking a bite off the wood.  Its silica elements make it wear-resistant to adverse weather conditions; thus it only needs infrequent oiling to stretch its life span.  Its tensile strength is outstanding compared to other timbers which makes it a highly sought after wood for furniture as well as for wooden boats.

Characteristics of Teak Wood

• Teak wood is resistant to insects and diverse weather conditions.  It is able to endure heat and rain even with no maintenance for more than a few  years.

• Furniture made of teak does not need to be polished or oiled.

• Teak is very ideal for furniture requiring carving design and sturdy structure.

• Teak wood is beautiful and smooth yet it is very durable.

• Its natural oil and silica makes it a dead set against all type of insects, and it does not rot due to these elements.

• Teak does not crack even when it comes to contact with metals.

• Shipbuilders around the world favor teak for their boats due to its solidity and other good qualities.

Teak Wood Patio Furniture

Patio furniture made of teak wood is usually plain in its lines without much of decorations.  This permits the designer to achieve the outcome he is aiming for by using any pattern he wishes. 

Ready-made teak furniture is sold by piece or in sets.  These sets of teak furniture are used for a variety of purposes which may include picnic, bar, dining, or simply for having a conversation.  Picnic sets are usually partnered with benches as a substitute to chairs with or without back rests.  Bar sets normally comes with chairs without armrests but in some cases they are designed with arms.  Patio teak furniture sets gives more freedom when it comes to chair selection.  It can virtually be partnered with any kind of chair.  More chairs and extensions can be added to accommodate more people as in the case of parties.

However, you can still design your own as you wish. Purchase individual pieces of chair and blend it with your teak wood patio furniture. Your choices of individual chairs may include stackable chairs, deep seating chairs, folding chairs, lounging chairs, and even rocking chairs.

Since teak wood can withstand any kinds of weather conditions, it is a wise move to go for teak furniture for your patio.

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