The burlesque & nippple tassel revival

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Nipple tassels or pasties are currently enjoying a strong come-back due to the revival of burlesque dancing and high profile celebrity endorsement.

You might have noticed that nipple tassels have been popping up all over the place lately,Guest Posting with lots of celebrities spotted wearing them.

Nipple tassels or pasties originate from burlesque back in the days when they were used to cover up what the censor didn't want you to see! Lately though they've been crossing over into maintstream fashion. Maybe it's because burlesque has been growing steadily in popularity over the last few years - despite the fact that nipples are no longer outlawed on stage, nipple tassels have become an essential part of any burlesque act. Perhaps it's because they're so sexy and saucy that we can't resist them!

The rise in popularity of burlesque (and nipple tassels!) has probably been helped by some of the celebrities who are becoming famous for their sexy burlesque routines, most famously of course Dita Von Teese. But recently our own Mel B performed in a very successful burlesque show in Las Vegas, and she's now been followed in the show by Carmen Electra complete with nipple tassels of course!

Whilst Janet Jackson may have shocked everyone when she wore nipple pasties back in 2004 at the Super Bowl, there's no longer any doubt they've gone mainstream. We saw Britney Spears wearing them during her successful Circus tour, whilst Rihanna went one step further and wore them under an open tuxedo jacket during American Independence Day celebrations in Las Vegas this year. Plus of course Lady GaGa has also adopted wearing them! And where these trendsetting ladies go, it seems we can't help but follow!

In fact it seems that nipple tassles are everywhere! We had a burlesque dancer perform in red sequinned nipple tassles during this year's Britain's Got Talent. Whilst Dita Von Teese wore diamante nipple tassels in the Eurovision Song Content when she performed a dance routine with the German entry. No wonder they're getting so popular then!

Nipple tassels or pasties are definitely a saucy and unique way of covering up your modesty in a low cut or see through outfit! Basically the difference between a nipple tassel and a pastie, is that a pastie doesn't have a tassel (so you can't twirl them!) but they can look just as amazing. Despite what you might think, nipple tassels and pasties are surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear. So why not pop some tassels on and try a bit of twirling in the bedroom! I’m reliably informed that ladies of all shapes and sizes can twirl them, plus an interesting fact you might not know is that men are also quite capable of twirling them too!

As well as a sexy cover up under low cut and see through outfits, nipple tassels can also look amazing when you team them with some sexy lingerie.

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