The Origin of Little Black Dress

Jan 6


Meng Lee

Meng Lee

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The little black dress is designed to be a cocktail dress or evening dress.


Before 1920’s the little black dress were worn during burial and mourning period. Gabrielle “coco” Chanel is the man credited for designing the first little black dress and he referred to the dress as the “sort of uniform for all women of taste.” It was designed in such a way that they were decorated, The Origin of Little Black Dress Articles straight and calf length. Vogue magazine referred to it as “Chanel’s Ford.”


The little black dress was popular during the great depression and Hollywood contributed a lot in promoting the little black dress popularity. Among the famous little black dresses include the Holly Golightly by Hubert de Givenchy worn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This dress showed the standard way of wearing the little black dress with pearls and this was the fashion throughout the 60’s. In 2006 the dress was auctioned for £ 410,000. There is also the Betty dress which later became red.


Wallis Warfield who was the duchess of Windsor loved the little black dress and he is once quoted as saying, “when a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.” Edith Piaff was nicknamed “Little black sparrow” because of her love for the dress and that she performed in this type of dress throughout his career.


The little black dress is considered as a no fail option. There are different types of the little black dress and in this article we are going at the top five little black dresses. The first is the velvet little black dress, the second is the sweater knit little black dress, the third is the fringed little black dress, the fourth is the ruffled little black dress and the last one is the lace little black dress.


This is a great type of dress and every woman looks good on it. Every woman is encouraged to have this dress in her wardrobe because you can wear it in any occasion. They are a simple dress and you will never go wrong when wearing them.     Today, ladies put on the little black dress for fashion purposes.  Such dresses are very good for cocktail parties, birthday parties, buffets and other events. You’ll always look very cute and elegant when you put the dress on.  It’s important you choose the best color that can suit your shoes and every other fashion accessory you have on ground. 

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