Top 13 Hime Cut Hair Looks

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Every woman wants to look cute stunning and gorgeous, and the long hair and hairstyles are undoubtedly help this, 

Every woman wants to look cute stunning and gorgeous,Guest Posting and the long hair and hairstyles are undoubtedly help this, one of the most popular hairstyles that emphasize the beauty and cuteness of any lady is a hime cut.

The hairstyles come with time and trend, but some of them have become classics and not changed. Hime cut hair is consideres as a very classic haircut.

The hime cut is a combination of the Amasogi and Binsogi hairstyles. The Amasogi is a blunt shoulder-length cut that was popular back in the imperial times. The Binsogi cut involves cutting the hair near the ears at ear-length. This was done during a ceremony called Binsogi when a woman turned 20, which is how the hairstyle gets its name.

The hime cut is most often seen in “gothic Lolita” culture. It is popular in South Korea now, with many K-Pop stars sporting the look.

Since your hair is cut at different lengths in this hairstyle, it requires a fair bit of maintenance. Check out the next section to find out what you need to do to maintain it.

How To Maintain The Hime Cut
  • If you have long, straight hair, you will just need to trim it regularly to keep it looking fresh and on point.
  • For wavy or curly hair, this cut is high maintenance and will require regular straightening, trimming, and touch-ups.

Now that you know everything about hime cuts, let’s deep dive into all the ways that you can style it!

heek-Length Hime Cut Following the classic appearance of the cut, this idea is meant for truly authentic looks. The front fringe slightly hits the brows while the side locks end at the cheeks and make the face appear softer. Yes, those princesses knew how to do the framing right.

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