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Gateway to Kylie, leather shorts are taking root in haute couture and Voila, fashion will have to think fast and some good shots to get their basic right of fashion! The leather is the domain limited solely to shoes, jacket, or shoes.

From catwalks to Kylie,Guest Posting the leather shorts are firmly taking root in high fashion and Voila, fashionistas are going to need some quick thinking and some smart moves to get their fashion basics right! Leather is no more the domain solely restricted to the shoe, the jacket, or the boot. Leather has proudly marched its way into the glorious season of summer. It’s apparent through all the designers and their works in Paris, Milan and New York. The designers’ collections featured on the runways looked smooth, polished, sleek and oddly fitting for a material which is hardly ever associated with warmer weather. The collections may have looked stunning but when was the last time you thought to yourself, “Let me get out my pair of leather shorts!”

Leather shorts have more often than not been restricted to the more skankier section of women. But that was a while ago. The age of stereotypes has long passed. Think about it - Leather shorts are just the logical outcome of our long running lure with shorts. It’s time to finally wear those beautiful pair of leather shorts proudly and enjoy it in all its fabulousness. The beauty is that leather shorts are now quite easily available. Everything from designer boutiques to second hand stores has a pair of leather shorts on sale. Don’t force yourself into a pair of vintage shorts from the local charity shop just to save yourself a bit of money. The Internet is a superb place to purchase clothing. They are cheaper and custom made to your exact fit.

Although leather clothing – especially leather shorts may be among the trickier trends to pull off. Then again trends are serious stuff and it is actually unexpectedly easier to pull off the leather shorts look than you think. Esoteric as it may seem, leather shorts have a massive appeal when combined well!  For quite a bit of time now, leather skirts have been topping the trend charts, but recently leather shorts have joined the game and how! Women are slowly adopting the look – not many – but some, and they all look great. The thought of wearing leather shorts immediately brings to mind Madonna in the 80s. Intimidating as wearing leather shorts now seems – fear not! You don’t have to go that short or that tight.

Lucky for you there are loads of opportunities to ensure that leather shorts are more ‘wearable’ – you can make them look both innocent and elegant in just a couple of minutes by following just a few simple steps. You’ll be guaranteed to have a hip and edgy look!

Here are a few must try styles. Combine the super short leather shorts with a pair of black, wool tights; tuck the blouse into the shorts. Now pull your hair back away from your face either in a bun or a high pony. This is a guaranteed feminine, but edgy look suitable for any situation. It’s great for a lunch with girlfriends, a shopping trip or even a movie!

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