What Makes A Great Design For A Charm Bracelet?

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Charm bracelets have been around for quite a while now. Charm bracelets have a very long and interesting history. They have been traced back to early Egyptians and some African tribes whose women wore them with beads to ward of evil spirits. Queen Victoria used to wear them,Guest Posting which made them a fashion with English nobility. Charm bracelets have been in and out of fashion - and have now again become a fashion wear item.

There are basically three different designs of charm bracelets. One is to tie a string, a piece of wool, or any cord around the wrist and hang favourite trinkets or charms or beads from it. This is generally how young girls get started on charm bracelets. Older girls and women may buy a steel, silver or gold chain and dangle their favourite charms from it. The Italian charm bracelet is a bracelet onto which the charms are snapped. There are some high fashion designers who have started making charm bracelets. This version of the Italian charm bracelet is fairly recent and also there is a European version of the charm bracelet. The European charm bracelet is a chain on which beads and charms can be put. The charms and beads can be changed to suit the mood and dress of the wearer.

Well, what does make a great design for a charm bracelet depends a lot on the type of person who is wearing it. What are their favourite’s things, which they really treasure and like to display a charm of it. Like a favourite pet, singer, initial of a loved one - and the list becomes endless. All girls and women who wear a charm bracelet select the charms that they want. Later on charms are added and some removed. Some women may even have a set of charm bracelets, and they would wear the one that they like on a particular day.

All the leading jewellers and fashion designers have got into making charm bracelets that are exquisite, but everyone cannot afford them. So what would make a great design for a charm bracelet would be to select the chain and then the charms that one likes. Charms can be bought anywhere in the world, from shops that sell trinkets to jewellers shops. There can be a favourite colour charm, a favourite singer charm, a loved one's initial charm, a favourite place charm, a favourite movie charm, a favourite car charm. All these charms on a charm bracelet make a great talking piece, especially if someone is getting newly acquainted, as each charm and its reason for being on the charm bracelet can get the conversation going - and it can last for hours. Close friends may also buy and gift charms to hang on to the charm bracelet.

A great charm bracelet should be an extension of the personality of the person wearing it, and not a fashion statement. It should depict a persons likings and what they are extremely fond of. The charm bracelet should add to the charm of the lady wearing it.

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