7 types of posters to print for your next promotional event

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Posters have been in use since time immemorial, traditionally stuck to walls of buildings or places with a large footfall to make sure many people read about a certain upcoming event. Today, posters have many uses and come in different shapes, sizes and designs. They can be used in a plethora of avenues and for a wide variety of reasons.

There are different kinds of posters available that can be used for different reasons. Businesses that have promotional events must pay special attention to their print media because of what it signifies. Print media is a large part of promotional events and these events are the right time to capitalise on a potential customer base.

Event posters

Event posters are usually colourful and filled with design elements to make sure they stand out.  These can be used as a part of your promotion to draw crowds towards a certain area,Guest Posting where there is an event happening.

Music Posters

As the name suggests, these kinds of posters are used for a certain music event or concert taking place. Characterised by musical instruments, this poster is sure to stop all music fans in their path and ensure that their attention is caught.

Academia posters

Depending on the kind of establishment you are running, posters need to be customized in such a way that it suits the need of the hour. Wall poster printing can be done at your closest print store and these kinds of posters generally have information regarding some sort of research work.

Roll-up posters

These posters are bigger than conventional posters and are printed in A0 format. Since they are large, they are rolled up but excellent as a way to draw a crowd during an event because of their sheer size. Normally, posters are printed in A4 format but these roll up posters can be a lot more helpful in larger areas.

Digital posters

Digital posters are not your traditional printed posters, but are projected instead. Once they have been designed using software, a projector can be used to display one or several posters in a given area. Although they don’t work well during the day, they are perfect for after dark promotional events. These kinds of posters can be more expensive than printed posters.


Although these are not posters in its true sense because they are not stuck to any surface, they are an excellent method to advertise during events where there are many people passing by. Flyers can be handed out to them with important information about anything that the business is trying to convey.

Printstop provides online poster printing solutions suitable for all kinds of businesses. Although you can buy posters online, Printstop gives you a wide range of paper types and textures to choose from. We also have many designs that you can use in case you are not sure of what you are looking for. Posters, although old, are still an excellent way to grab the attention of people passing by. This method of advertising is cheap, easy to execute and used by a wide number of businesses across the world. Printstop is one of the leading online print shops from where you can get customised posters printed to suit your requirement.

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