A Corporoate Facelift with Sound Bytes

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A Corporate Facelift With Sound Bytes

By R.J. Paradee,Guest Posting President First Impression Inc. and MediaRight Studios

If Baby Boomers can get botox and tummy tucks, then why don’t companies receive facelifts to improve their image as well? The telephone is the lifeblood of any business. Use it respectfully. Don’t leave your clients on-hold to listen to radio static or elevator music. With digital recording and delivery of sound files, professional production of on-hold advertising is both economical and necessary for a positive image. That’s right – it’s imperative that the first impression a client receives of your business (even though they may never visit) is how they’re treated on the telephone. How many times have you called a business to hear “Thank you for calling ABC Dental Office please hold” before you can get a word in edge-wise.” In many cases , what they have on-hold is your first impression of that company.

Music Selection Should be Appealing
At the very least, make certain on-hold music is a decent selection, and that you have permission to broadcast the music to on-hold callers. After all the music chosen is a direct reflection of your business. If you don’t get your licensed music from an On-Hold Message provider, you may obtain permission to play certain music on-hold from ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, the three large performing rights organizations.

Develop Content That Sells Products and Services
Customers who are on-hold are essentially a captive audience. If you want on-hold time to turn into sales, consider hiring a professional producer to mix radio style commercials with licensed music. The copy should be specifically written to cross-sell your products and services. AT&T studies show that people will stay on-hold longer if they hear messages about your company during the waiting period. Do not rely on the “please hold for personal assistance to your call, or thank you for your patience while on hold” type of messages. I believe these type of messages hurt you more than help you.

Answer Repetitive Questions On-Hold
As you’re on-hold spots are developed, remember this marketing strategy is a customer service tool as well as an advertising tool. Take the heat from your receptionist during busy call periods and answer those repetitive questions in on-hold spots.

On-Hold Advertising is Economical
Advertising sales are based on the number of impressions. If a business had one call placed on hold every ten minutes during an eight hour day 5 days per week, there would be 11,000 opportunities each year to market their business and services.

How to Evaluate an On- Hold Company
Make certain you get both male and female voice talent, and that the professional voice is pleasing. The studio you use should employ scriptwriters and offer a selection of licensed music to choose from. You choose the music from their library, not the on-hold company. You don’t want the same stale music everyone else uses. In most cases all that is needed is an inexpensive off-the-shelf CD player.

Facts About On-Hold Advertising
Eighty percent of businesses have nothing on-hold, so businesses that do set up programs are on the cutting edge. Twelve percent of businesses do have a radio or CD tuned in while their customers are on-hold. Only 8% of businesses have on-hold programs.

The number of companies who use on-hold as a time to advertise are growing. That’s because business owners are realizing there’s no better way to impress a client who has never been to your office than a well designed, informative on-hold program. Remember in today’s competitive market, image is everything. On-Hold advertising is one of the best facelifts a company could have.

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