Advertising And Its Purpose

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Adverts are usually used for the only purpose. Adverts' aim is to increase company's profit and attract customers' interest to the new product or service.

However adverts are used to gain much more purposes. An organization usually sponsors media advertising to convince consumers that its products will benefit them. However this is no the sole motivation behind sponsoring advertisements. Some are merely intended to inform but not persuade. For whatever reasons the advertisement is made it is meant to affect the consumer in the process spawn benefits for its sponsor. It must therefore be made in such way as to make achievement of its purpose highly. Its impact on consumer should lead consumer to the action that is favourable to advertiser. Large--scale efforts are made,Guest Posting often with impressive success, to channel consumers unthinking habits, purchasing decisions and thought processes by the use of insights gleaned from psychiatry and social sciences.

Advertising is meant to have a serious economic purpose. It is meant to provide information about products to the consumer who can then make buying decisions. It is meant to allow producers to invest in their brand equity which in turn protects consumers because it means that any drop in product quality has disastrous financial consequences for the consumer to buy better. If advertising is to be effective and handled with maximum efficiency it is necessary to know what is intended to achieve. The advertiser must know whether his advert is meant to increase sales, maintain sales and introduce a new product or there is another objective. This can be used as one of the guidelines on what information is needed to make the desired impact. The various attributes of the product can be communicated in the advert to ensure effectiveness.

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