Advertising on Snapchat - Pros and Cons

Feb 24


Mukesh Rajwansh

Mukesh Rajwansh

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There are numerous pros and cons when using Snapchat for advertising. Read the list of benefits and limitations of ads on Snapchat. Here are some of the pros and cons of Snapchat to think about.


A multimedia messaging app with a 200 million user base is an incredible source of entertainment. Apart from Instagram and Facebook,Advertising on Snapchat - Pros and Cons Articles this app allows you to connect with your close friends. It is a popular network where most users are below 25 years.


This feature is no different than Instagram and Facebook. People share small moments in stories. These are unlike normal posts where people like to post more life-related stuff. It is similar to Facebook and Instagram.


It is one of the amazing features of Snapchat where a person can try taking a snap with different looks. It is a rich source of entertainment. You can see many versions of yourself like an older and younger version.


Here also you can find filters that are normally available in other giant apps. A variety of filters is available here from black and white to stars bubbling up.

Geo filters

Geo filters are filters that fit perfectly in your background, for instance, a building behind you when you are in open ground. Geo filters change with the location to give you a perfect picture. It is an innovative feature of Snapchat.


People click many photographs with filters, Snapchat converts these pictures in memories. You can save as many memories as you want. Afterall every picture is a memory.

Snap Map

You can get all the trending news in the form of snap. Snapchat allows you to keep yourself aware. It could be an important feature from a business point of view. You can put engaging content for the audience via video and picture filters.

Ads on Snapchat

Snapchat's advertising is a great way to engage the audience in your business. You have filters, lenses, and other amazing features to create engaging content.

Advertisers have many choices here because they get three different ad formats. Each ad format has further subdivisions.

In Snapchat ads campaign setup you get three different options to run ads-

  • Web viewing
  • Video content
  • Application install

In web viewing your content will be shown in video format with an option to swipe up. This type is helpful to collect leads.

In the app install type, you can promote your app through a short video ad. Snapchatters don’t even need to go to the app store to download your app. Features of this kind help to reduce friction and Snapchat gives a lot of features like this. As a Snapchat ads expert, you must know how to create engaging content.

Why you must consider this platform for advertisement?

It has a significant number of users so you get an audience base. Snapchat offers you a less competitive environment. Being a start-up you need this kind of platform to promote your content.

Snapchat ad campaign management is just like Facebook or Instagram. You don’t need to put an extra effort to learn anything new.

Snapchat gives ample options to create effective content. No other platform has so many filters and options.

Your ads get more refine as you create more hence you can create an effective presentation of your business on Snapchat.

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