Aerial Advertising -A Wise Investment

Nov 25


Michael John Arnold

Michael John Arnold

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Before making any investment in a business it is necessary to determine whether it will bring the results it is intended for or not. That is why when ...


Before making any investment in a business it is necessary to determine whether it will bring the results it is intended for or not. That is why when a company plans the advertising schemes, they consider diverse options. However,Aerial Advertising -A Wise Investment Articles it is amazing that most of the business owners fail to notice the most effective and inexpensive advertising approach; Aerial Advertising. This is only because they do not know the countless benefits of this marketing venture.

Imagine an airplane, flying over the enormous crowds on the beaches, sporting arenas, parades, concerts, rush hour traffic or anywhere your possible consumers may be. It’s not just one of the small airplanes used in World War II, it is an airplane with a huge banner towed , flying for the advertisement of your business. Wouldn't this be a wonderful idea to put your business in the picture? Here is an example that shows the amazing results of aerial advertising.

When the State of Maine Lottery was first initiated, diverse mediums were used for its advertisement; including the traditional media and aerial advertising. Only 6% of the budget was allocated to airplane marketing. In a survey later on, nearly 70% of the people were asked how they came to know about the launching of this lottery, and here are the results of this survey.

Aerial Advertising: 18.3% (Remember only 6% of the budget was apportioned)

  • Billboards: 21.6%
  • Radio: 19.8%
  • Television: 15.9%
  • Posters: 14.9%

There are a few reasons for such a high response with such a low budget. The major reason is the high recall value. According to surveys almost ninety percent of the people remembered seeing the airplane banner after 30 minutes and nearly eighty percent could remember the product or service being advertised. Uniqueness and novelty of airplane banner marketing is the reason for this high impact on audience’s mind.

Some people might think aerial advertising will be an expensive option for marketing their product or service. But actually the price is very nominal when compared to the traditional mediums of advertising i.e. TV, newspaper etc. The approximate cost is 50 cents per thousand prospects.

The major cost involved is the one time cost borne for the banner, however, once your banner has been designed, you can use it again and again anytime and anywhere you want. Aerial marketing has no match when it comes to hit the maximum number of audience at once as you specify the market with maximum possible consumers, for the airplane to fly.

Be careful when choosing the right aerial advertising company, so that the company will have experienced and skilful staff, that will carry out the whole process, from research about the potential market to flying your banner in the air, in the best way. Invest your money wisely, captivate your consumers with the most elegant, unique and cost-effective marketing approach; aerial advertising.