Aerial Advertising: Getting the Most Out of It

May 8


Michael John Arnold

Michael John Arnold

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Getting the Most Out Of Aerial Advertising.

Aerial advertising is the newest fad when it comes to a truly effective advertising. The principle behind it is quite simple: an airplane,Aerial Advertising: Getting the Most Out of It Articles blimp, or helicopter tows a banner that contains the message or the product to be advertised. The airplane, blimp, or helicopter in turn will fly over the metropolis or in sporting events or just about anywhere where a huge number of people gather. In this way, the efficiency of aerial advertising is a guaranteed because many people will get to see the message or the advertisement. This form of unique advertising also involves skywriting.

From Businesses to Personal Messages

Through aerial advertising, you will be able to introduce your product to a large number of people. Do you have an event to promote? Aerial advertising is one of the most efficient means of promoting your events. All forms of businesses have benefited from the advent of aerial advertising because of the novelty by which it is done. However, in recent years, the content carried by banners in aerial advertising has been more on personal messages. Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, marriage proposals, and plain congratulatory notes comprise the bulk of messages in aerial advertising. Hence, individuals are now the top users of aerial advertising, topping liquor companies, candy makers, web sites, sports organization, radio and TV networks, and many more.

Rise Above the Competition

Aerial advertising allows you to reach a lot of people by flying over large gatherings. This type of advertising uses the sky as the background. This is an effective way to get your message to the target sector, assuring you of good returns for your business. Moreover, in aerial advertising, there is no such thing as clutter of advertisements that wear people down and bore them from reading the ads or even ignore them when seen on TV. Furthermore, your advertisement is towed by an airplane, making it an “advertisement in motion.” Your ad is not just any stationary figure that people will give only a cursory look, without making a definite impression on them. On the other hand, with aerial advertising, you will see yourself rise above the competition with your daring, innovative, and efficient method. In no time at all, you will find others following your example.

Advertise Effectively with Aerial Advertising

Studies and statistics back up the claims to efficiency of aerial advertising. Eighty-eight percent of those who saw the aerial advertising said that they recalled the banner’s passing minutes after seeing it, while 79 percent said that they recalled what was advertised. On the other hand, almost 70 percent said that they recalled at least half of the message written on the banner. This high efficiency rate is attributed to the fact that whenever people hear the sound of an airplane engine, they instinctively look up. In the same token, aerial advertising is surely bound to be efficient because it is not a hackneyed way to advertise or send messages for the world to know.

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