Article Marketing Robot - An Honest And Detailed Review

Jan 28


Sharon Hunter

Sharon Hunter

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Article Marketing Robot an honest review and case study. Save your article marketing time and create hundreds of backlinks on auto-pilot.

Article marketing robot is one of a brand new variety of desktop-based content distribution tools. Right after leaving my membership with Unique Article Wizard,Article Marketing Robot - An Honest And Detailed Review Articles I've been looking for something which may perform a similar job for much less money, and with a much higher average page rank to the site submitted to.

Article Marketing Robot is amazing. It is probably the most reliable Internet marketing program I have used. I'm a lot more than happy to recommend it. Publish your spinnable articles close to 1000 article submission sites on auto-pilot.

Article Marketing Robot is actually a simple method to use spinnable articles to the maximum. I can't recommend this enough. This software is a central source of my entire article promotion system and gets me a lot of extra visitors. There are other costly software program offered, this the only one you'll need for publishing unique articles on auto-pilot.

Article Marketing Robot does a lot more than simply publish articles as well. It registers accounts for you, confirms the e-mails and will also even provide you with detailed reports about articles that are verified, pending acceptance or ones that were declined. It even provides the url's of your articles in a report in order to do what you want with them.  Article Marketing Robot could be a completely automated backlink building tool to help generate your web site to the top on the search engine rankings.

Article Marketing Robot content spinner isn't just another worthless spinner either. The article spinner that's built into AMR completely outstanding. Actually I think it is worth the cost of the program alone. Article Marketing Robot certainly is the complete package everyone interested in article marketing or growing their article promotion campaigns must have.

Article directory sites are different but most take a day to a week to accept your articles. How will you keep track of your articles? Article Marketing Robot allows you to check all of your articles instantly. But what makes it even more effective are the reports. You can save each of the links of your articles and publish them to social sites, ping websites and much more. You can also create a RSS feed for all your posted articles.

I've been using Article Marketing Robot now for the last half a year and have discovered no errors. There might be a little learning curve for the first few days but the online training leads you step-by-step in how to set up your program.  When you fire up article marketing robot, there are several windows at the top of the page. These inform you where you are as far as your writer accounts, and which articles are either delivered or pending.

Complete control over your articles and also the power to get quick sales, get more traffic and backlinks. All from one article.  This is i think, what makes Article Marketing Robot, the best longterm option.

The only issue I did have with  Article Marketing Robot was after i downloaded the demo version. I kept receiving a frustrating pop up that said I had to set up some setting which i wasn't able to find. So I just moved ahead and bought the full version of Article Marketing Robot simply because it has a 60 day refund policy. Which of course all excellent article marketing tools must have.

One more thing that I really like about Article Marketing Robot is the outstanding support. Support team really does a fantastic job at responding to questions and if you take time to look nearly every question was already answered by support on the support section of the site. Which is unlike a lot of tools online which take days to weeks to respond and also sometimes they don't have a clear answer.

When it comes down to picking a software, article marketing robot always stays my software of choice. After performing my researching as well as testing both pieces of software, Article Marketing Robot provides more functions, much better and much more article directories to use and it is more convenient to use with all auto-pilot features.