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Do you realize that articles can do a lot for your business?

1. They can drive qualified leads to your website -- peoplewho are interested in your topic.

2. You can consistently position yourself as an expert byhaving your name and your business name in the public eye!This develops your business identity.

3. Articles work to build link popularity.

4. Articles are actually,Guest Posting repeat advertising in motion!

5. Articles are free advertising for your business.

6. You'll be able to distribute your articles without spending a dime.

When you submit articles to ezines, websites, and evenmagazines, you really do benefit because you're drivingqualified leads to your website. The people who read your articles are already interested in the subject matter you'll be writing about.

They have already subscribed to ezines just to get more information about certain topics. The publishers who agree to run your articles have already decided that you're a perfect match for their ezine's target market. This could mean that hundreds and thousands of readers, could read your articles and see the link to your website.

Make Yourself an Expert!

When people frequently read interesting articles, theyactually come to view the author as an expert. This alonehelps build your reputation. It works like a tonic to drivepotential customers to your website because people likedealing with experts, so they can learn more.

Each article should include a short "resource box". Similarto a sig file, it should have a link back to your salespage where the reader can go to get more information. Whenarticles are used on websites they can also build your linkpopularity. This is extremely important with search engines.

A lot of people will be exposed to your URL without you ever having to lift a finger or advertise it. Just make time to post the articles and let them circle the globe!

Other People Will Advertise Your Articles!

When your website url is listed on a website or in an article archive, your business exposure can be unlimited.As more people visit various websites, they're exposed to your articles, time and time again.

Articles are Free Advertisements!

Ezine publishers are always on the prowl for unique content. Many of them will accept articles at no cost and run them in their ezines. When you include a resource box at the bottom of your article, you're getting free advertising out to readers that you'd never reach, because other people will viral your articles for years.

If you hesitate to write your own articles, you can get allthat free promotion by having a ghost writer write thesearticles for you. The cost of one ghost written article isstill probably less than the cost of a good ad campaign.Advertising must be repeated; articles viral into infinity!

Your articles can be about any topic you select. Goodarticles should always create emotional responses withinthe reader and prompt them to visit your website. Alwaysadd a resource box so the reader can impulsively go straight to your website.

Submit your articles to ezine publishers, article directories and websites. Be sure that the articles fityour target audience. Done properly, articles can get youaround the globe and establish you as a global expert. Whynot get started today?

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