Banners to Promote Products For Sale

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Promoting your products with a custom banner is a great way to advertise for your new and old products! 

Banners to Promote Products For Sale

Many music bands offer products,Guest Posting such as CD's or tapes of their music for sale. Instead of relying on word of mouth in a crowd after a performance, a creative, colorful promotional banner can be a great way to let the audience know that these are available.. This example will show how a band can use a promotional banner to promote their CD's as well as other merchandise.

This band is a very popular South American band that is well known in the local art fair circuit. Their audience consists of families of all ages enjoying an afternoon at the art fair. While they admire the arts and crafts this band plays traditional South American music. However, this band has noticed that no one seems to be visiting their table that is set up to showcase their CD's and merchandise. In fact the audience seems not even aware that there is merchandise for sale.

In order to change this, they have decided to use a colorful, creative, promotional banner that will be hung over the table to show off these products.

The promotional banner's color scheme is very important. First, it will need to stand out, even in conditions where there is not a lot of light. Many parks have a lot of shade trees that block the sunlight. It is important when creating the promotional banner to make the banner bright enough so it can be easily seen and the lettering easily read.

Other important design considerations include what kind of graphics to include on the banner. Since this band is an ethnic band from South America the graphics should relate to this theme. Perhaps a digital picture of the location where this type of music is traditional played would be helpful. . However, other graphics, such as CD's or t-shirts can also be displayed to show the items for sale. If they offer the instruments used to make their music this should be shown as well. These extra promotional pictures can help to show available items even before the text is read. The graphics should be large and easy to spot from a distance. A catchy name for the band should also be used. For this band a name such a” Music form the Earth’s Soul” would bring about feelings of peace and contentment. The music from this particular band is the kind of peaceful, mellow music that the earth does inspire.

Now to put all of these ideas together, the band first decides to use a banner with a white background and bright orange text. These colors are easily visible in most conditions, which will be important if the banner is going to be displayed either indoors or outdoors. The graphics will be in black and orange and carefully positioned around the anchor text of the band's name. A digital picture can also be used. Digital cameras are so widely used that even an amateur can take a useable picture.

The marketing message will be displayed above the name of the band on the banner. It should be in a slightly smaller font than the main message, but still easily visible from across the room. This text will also be in orange.

Now that all of the basics have been decided, they can be put together and arranged on the custom promotional banner. Once the banner is ready to go, it should be hung in an area that is close to the stage, ideally over a table that contains the merchandise. This will make it easier for the band to subtly point out the products and ask for the crowd's support. Remember a banner also gives the band some credibility that customers like when buying merchandise.


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