Boardgame Backpack

Nov 25


Daniel Walker

Daniel Walker

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Boardgame carrying and playing solutions to bring your gaming into the future with our board game backpack, tote/duffel bag and gear


At GeekOn! we take pride in engineering the most innovative, Boardgame Backpack Articles stylish, durable and functional boardgame bags and accessories on the planet.   

Sure you can get boardgame bags that are cheaper or re-purpose Swedish furniture store totes or drumbags but are they as comfortable, with as much padded protection, water-resistant, reinforced to hold 50 lbs, damn sexy looking and come with a Lifetime Guarantee? 

Didn't think so..    

Sure you can find game bags on the market for under $50 but in this case, as in most cases, you really get what you pay for! We believe that your expensive games deserve the most protected and comfortable bags and don't cut corners when it comes to quality.

The main objective of any game bag is to be able to carry a decent amount of games, card binders, figures, etc so we've designed our SPACEPAK with 47L of gaming space! That's enough space for 7 Chihuahua's or 48 cans of beer or ... well you get the point, it's a heck of a lot of space!  

Need room for additional smaller games, cards or your favorite hot sauce because game night is at Peter's house and his snacks are always so bland and boring? We've added two extra large capacity side zippered pockets to handle all of these with ease! 

No need to walk around with bulging pockets when you have the SPACEPAK due to the conveniently located easy access top zippered pocket large enough to hold all your EDC (everyday carry) items such as your phone, keys, wallet etc. This means your phone will be within reach for a quick post-game tweet about how awesome you played and finally lived up to your Game Demon shoulder tattoo. 

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