Designing Your Postcard Appropriately

Apr 20


Carla SanGaspar

Carla SanGaspar

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Postcards generally have limited space available for both the copy and the lay-out. It may seem very easy to design a postcard because of the small space that you need to fill up. But this is not always the case.

Because the size of the postcard restricts you to put all the graphics and details that you want to include,Designing Your Postcard Appropriately Articles it may be difficult (for some) to find the appropriate image and the correct words to maximize the small space available for you.

Postcards typically have to be very concise, clear and direct in what it wants to convey. There is, literally, a small amount of space available for you to use and convey what you want your readers to know. So let me provide you with some simple tips on how to make better use of your postcard.

Make your layout as simple as possible. Sure you need to be as elaborate as you can to be able to grab the attention of your audience. But being simple can be elaborate enough for some. Simplicity also attracts attention and it also avoids confusion on what message you are trying to convey. If you want your postcard to be elaborate, do it by playing with your headlines. A good headline would definitely be able to get the attention that you need. Consistency is the key. If you are planning to send out a series of postcards, be consistent with your postcard design. Consistency creates familiarity on your business. And there is nothing more effective in advertising that creating a sense of familiarity from your customers. Use necessary graphics only. If you really need to put graphics on your postcard, do so but limit it. And only place images that have connection with your copy. You don’t want your reader to end up in just staring at the image that you included and not really understanding what it means. Create a copy that even children would understand. Using simple words and expressions would help you achieve you message. It would help you make a brief description of what you wanted to convey without having to “beat around the bush”. This would also help you achieve your purpose in making your copy as brief, specific and direct.

Use colors only if it is necessary. Since there isn’t really a huge amount difference on whether having your postcard printed in black and white of in full color, you should still think if colors would be necessary. If you are endorsing a new product or service to your customer, it would definitely be better to use full color so that your readers can fully appreciate the image. You can also use colors on your headlines to make them more attention grabbing.

Make your layout as professional as possible. You don’t want your customers and potential customers to think that you are only about fun and games. With the use of your postcards, you should be able to convey to them that you are very serious with your business. Place all the necessary contact information that you have on your postcard. So that your customers may know that they can reach you anytime that they would be in need of your services. A carefully thought out postcard design would be able to help you make or break your business. These are only tips to improve the design of your postcard. The most important factor that your postcard should have would be for it to be as personal as possible.

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