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There are so many simple yet ... ... tactics that are grossly ... It`s a wonder why every website owneris totally ... by internet ... ... attract

There are so many simple yet extremely powerful
marketing tactics that are grossly under
utilized. It`s a wonder why every website owner
is totally overwhelmed by internet marketing -
specifically attracting a targeted traffic jam.

One such high impact and grossly under utilized
marketing tactic which can be implemented...

- At very little or no cost - almost free.
- Can be set on autopilot and forgotten.
- Spreads like an internet virus.
- Has an unlimited scope for expansion.
- 70% of traffic generated is extremely high
quality and totally targeted.
- Can be classified as your strongest marketing
angle yet.

"Have you guessed it?". Yes...

...Harness the tremendous raw potential of
Customizable Viral E-books.

- You can customize these e-books and use them
as your e-business card or promotional material.

- You can use them as a free gift to encourage
signups to your mailing list.

- You can use them as a bonus offer to increase
the perceived value of your product.

- You can even resell them and generate income at
the front end.

- You can use the customization option to generate
income at the back end.

"What if you could create your very own
customizable ebooks?"...Well then get ready to
watch the explosion of green bucks all around
you...It is not totally unheard of.

Most of you who have spent some time on the
internet are familiar with `Autoresponder Magic`
or `Million Dollar Emails` - these use the very
same tactics described above. And ...

Yes... the technique is extremely powerful,Guest Posting
totally duplicable, grossly under utilized...It
could trigger a scandalous fortune for you at the
end of the road.

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