"What Do I Sell?"

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"What Do I ... [C] 2003 Shahnaz Rauf, ... What do I sell? This is a very critical question thatI get asked very often. Yes there are loads of ... there who have obtained

"What Do I Sell?"

Copyright [C] 2003 Shahnaz Rauf,Guest Posting www.snzeport.com

What do I sell? This is a very critical question that
I get asked very often. Yes there are loads of people
out there who have obtained all the right online
marketing tools, they have learned all the concepts
and techniques of online marketing, yet they don`t
know what to sell. Yes they keep shuffling along from
program to program hoping to strike it rich somewhere.
They loose a lot of money along the way to ultimately
get disillusioned.

Now If you plan to operate on the internet, your
first and foremost product should be yourself.

Yes, you are your own product. You need to sell
yourself to develop trust and credibility – the basic
elements for any sales process. To do so you need to
develop your own mailing list. This is not just a list
of email addresses, this is a highly responsive list
of followers who trust and respect you to the core.

Once you have got such a killer list, you may proceed

- Recommend other People`s tried and tested quality
products and earn through affiliate commissions.

- You can sell advertising space in your newsletter.

- Or you may even convert your list into a paid
membership site or a monthly subscription based list.

- And ultimately Develop your own product line.

Of course there are people earning incredible fortunes
just by selling other peoples products, but such top
affiliates are really few and far between, countable
on your fingers – they also usually have huge lists
with a trusted set of followers.

But to reach the ultimate bliss in marketing you need
to develop your own product line. Here the big
question is

How do you come up with your own killer product line?
here is the basic procedure:

1. Define What you really want to do

Here your own interest or what you really want to do
is important. You may not be able to attain any great
heights without that spark of passion driving you
along. Also you do not want to get stuck in another
dead end project where even getting started becomes a
big challenge. So the all defining question is What
do you enjoy doing? Or rather,

What can you do effortlessly without taxing yourself
too much – work on your strengths and weaknesses,
which ones can you polish up to use successfully.

Once you have sorted out your own inner turmoil and
discovered what you really want to do, you have got
your niche category or boundaries of operation. Next
you need to proceed with the equally important second

2. What do the people want?

Or rather what do your potential customers want. To be
able to sell successfully you have to find a problem/
need within your niche and provide the perfect
solution. So here comes the part of doing the market
research. No don’t be turned off, online market
research may not be as complicated as the offline

How To develop your own killer product:

- One conventional technique is to organize a
questionnaire/ quiz/ Survey and promote it.

- Another way is to lurk in forums related to your
area of interest and find out what people are talking
about. What problems they have and work out a

- Yet another powerful way is to capitalize on the
concept of keywords. Discover what words or phrases
are most frequently searched on the various search
engines, what information are people desperately
looking for. Here are some tools to help you out:

http://www.goodkeywords.com - fr*ee software to enable
you get all the keywords relevant to your area of

http://www.wordtracker.com - You can get a fr*ee
weekly report of the top 500 frequently searched words
on the Internet.

- Here you can check the popularity/ how many searches
are being made for any keyword of your choice.

Once you have short listed your search terms, use
these terms on the search engines yourself, visit all
the sites that come up and find out what is the
missing element that you can capitalize on.

- OK you have hit the raw nerve. Now do some brain
storming/ mind mapping to work out what kind of
information/ software/ website is needed. You may get
incredible professional assistance to develop your
product from http://www.elance.com

Now here are some insider tips for you to get your
creative juices flowing:

-All the newbies on the net are desperately searching
for some realistic sure fire way to start earning a
decent income easily and immediately.

- All the oldbies with websites or products are
searching for new ways to advertise/ market
effectively and cheaply.

- Also another killer idea/product is desperately
needed to overcome the hegemony and over exposure of
email marketing. As frankly the average person is not
usually cut out to handle developing huge responsive
mailing lists. And now the ugly sp*m filters overtones
ringing in the back ground are heralding the impending
failure of email marketing.

A brain wave anyone?


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