Employee Handbooks

Jul 20


Irene Thompson

Irene Thompson

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Keep in mind that handbooks will be read by a lot of people so take your time creating the text before getting the services for handbooks printing.


Employees needs reminders and rules to abide to and putting this rules all together in one book can greatly help employees get back to them when they need something.  Keep in mind these handbooks will be read by a lot of people so take your time creating and drafting the text before getting the services for handbooks printing.

1) Reasons
Yes you want but what type.  There different handbooks for employees so if it’s a lengthy one consider cutting it down to specifics.

2) How many do you need?
Do you have a population of a hundred or more employees? Are you thinking of keeping some for future expansion? Depends on your needs and budget,Employee Handbooks Articles you need to coordinate this with your printer so you can work everything out before going out to the final printing.

3) Look for a printer
Finding the right printer is a daunting task but if you research and give time to look for them you will be awarded immensely.  If you find a printer that does it all from conceptualization (designing), printing and distribution then you have found a good printer because it will save you a lot of time and effort compared to just you doing half of what needs to be done.  Ask around and go online check what other people are saying about your printer picks.

4) Look for a designer
Althoughare mostly text, it is best to find a designer who can manipulate the handbook and make it fun to read.  There are some employees who barely read their handbooks because it’s so boring to read and has no pictures, having a designer just might change that.

5) Colors
Try color psychology, get something that is easy on the eyes or something that stimulates the brain to read more and absorb everything.  Colors are important to entice the senses so try to pick several colors that make people do what you want them to do – read.

6) Text
Text is important in every handbook because you made the handbook to house all the text you want.  Keep it simple with no or minimal jargons and highfaluting words that people (specially your employees) rarely understand.  Put everything in a methodological manner and make sure you include an outline or table of contents so people can go instantly to where they want to go to.

7) Fonts
Pick simple fonts with no fancy designs.  The simpler the better remember this is a formal and professional book that everyone will read; you would want everyone to understand wouldn’t you?  Avoid fonts that look like ancient writings that take eons of years to decipher.

8) Quality
Quality is important you should know that.  Printing must be impeccable with barely any trace of dirt (including ink blots) or crumpled edges.  They should of course meet the deadline but must still have good quality.  Ask old customers what they think of the quality of their previous prints and how long did these printers take to create it.  If you get more rants than raves, go look for other printers.  There are tons in the market wanting to get your project.  Go online and find one, chances are you might even get someone that will help you with just about everything.

Everything you print and everything you send out showcases your company so make sure all employee handbooks are done well.  Double check everything from grammar to pictures before sending your files out for handbooks printing.

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