Postcard Printing Tips to Ensure Positive Customer Response

Feb 6


Irene Thompson

Irene Thompson

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To increase your chances of getting positive customer response with your postcard printing, here are some wise tips.


Whether you aim to generate new leads or customers,Postcard Printing Tips to Ensure Positive Customer Response Articles promote a new product, service or event, or simply follow up on a client’s response, make sure that your marketing goal is the driving force of your postcard design. Remember, you are putting your money in postcard printing and postcard mailing as well, in order to engage your prospective customers and encourage action. To increase your chances of getting positive customer response, here are several tips that you may want to consider:

Choosing images and color
Carefully choose the colors that will catch people’s interest. Aside from using it on the main image, colors are typically applied to the logo, texts and in the background elements. Use contrasting colors with the text and the background to keep your prospects from straining their eyes. Make sure that your postcard design is consistent with the overall color and design theme of your other marketing campaigns. Avoid putting clip arts that you found online as these will make your postcards look amateurish, even if you are availing of commercial postcards services. If you are going to include photos, make sure that they are relevant to your business or message.

Putting the text
Whatever you have to say, make sure to keep it short and straight to the point. Your postcard has a limited space available that’s why a little too much text could make it look cluttered. A brief teaser would be a good idea as it would motivate the recipient to get in touch with you if they want to know more details about your offer.

Creating the format and layout
Keep in mind that the layout should be clean and simple to make sure you avoid excessive visual elements. Unless you considered using a larger postcard size, limit the content as much as possible. The standard postcard size 4 x 6 but you may also opt for larger sizes such as 4 x 9 or 5 x 7 and up, although be aware that the postal service will have to charge you a bit higher postcard mailing rates for these sizes. If you ever thought of using a non-standard size, why not take it a step further and try other non-traditional elements such as special cut-out shapes to generate interest and give your postcards a distinctive look. Many reliable postcard printing companies offer custom printing options. All you have to do is ask for it.

Choosing the right paper and texture
Opting for high quality, thick cover stock enhance the impact and durability of your postcards. You may request for the postcard printing service to use a cover stock with 12-14 pt thickness for your postcards. Remember to give your cards a glossy finish as well in order to make the photos look more beautiful. Postcards with a dull or matte finish are also good if you want your cards to be easy to write on.

Final checking
Make sure that you have included all your relevant contact information at the back of the postcard. Before sending off the design file to your postcard printing provider, check for any possible errors to avoid annoying your prospects.