Fundamentals Of Good Poster Design

Dec 14


Kaye Z. Marks

Kaye Z. Marks

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What are the fundamentals of great poster design

Posters are such a popular kind of commercial printing material. There are even regular poster-making competitions that are held in all kinds of levels.

This is because good poster design is such an important factor in determining how effective a poster will be in the real world,Fundamentals Of Good Poster Design Articles and one of the traits a good entrepreneur should have is the keen eye for poster design and layout. For the non-experts out there, here are some fundamental considerations that must be kept in mind whenever you have some posters commercially printed. Together with your Dallas printer or DFW printer, you should bulk up on your knowledge on good poster design.

1. BIG FONTS - One of the things about posters is that they should always be readable even from a particularly long distance. This calls for the use of big fonts that would immediately be noticed by the wandering eyes of customers traipsing about your store. The fonts used should also be blocky, and the letters should be distinct and unmistakeable. Printing using small script fonts, for example, is a big no-no, because customers should never be bothered by trying to decipher fancy writing and tiny letters. In relation to this, the next consideration for good poster design is as follows.

2. Color Coordination - Your letters can be big and your font can be as blocky as can be, but customers will still not be able to read your posters if your color coordination is lacking. You do not even have to choose many colors with the posters you want printed. Only two colors—the background and the font color—are enough to have an effective poster. Black text on white ink, for example, is cliché but undeniably effective, as opposed to a rainbow-colored poster which does nothing but strain the eyes of poor customers.

3. Direct, Concise Wording - There is an internet meme circulating nowadays that says “Too long, didn’t read!” regarding forum posts or explanations. While this is such a crude way of passing the message through, it is nevertheless true. If you want your poster to be effective in keeping customers happy, minimize the unnecessary text as much as possible in favour of keeping your poster relevant. Of course, this does not particularly apply to contest posters, but either way direct concise wording would get the point across with minimum fuss and misunderstanding.

You do not need to have any particularly spectacular skill in poster making or poster design in order to be able to print out an impressive commercially printed poster. You just need some resolve and the knowledge of these three things listed above. Even if your poster is just a big sheet of card with huge, blocky, black characters that says 50% Sale, it is for sure a very effective poster as long as the above conditions are met. Leave the artsy stuff to your Dallas printers or DFW printers, because an artist-wannabe is not something you want to or should ever be.