Get that WOW Reaction you Want for your Custom Greeting Cards

Jan 14


Martha D. Killian

Martha D. Killian

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Let me help you by giving you the first five key steps that should enhance your creation of greeting cards.


So you want that “WOW reaction” coming from the readers of your color greeting cards? Well,Get that WOW Reaction you Want for your Custom Greeting Cards Articles it is an easy job to do this, if you are determined to actually create the best greeting cards for distribution. Let me help you by giving you the first five key steps that should enhance your greeting cards and develop the best and  most impressive designs for full color greeting cards. Once you have used all these features in your layout, then your designs should already be fit for printing services that will do your greeting cards justice.

1. Serve up something new in the concept – The most important thing to get that Wow in greeting card printing is of course for you to serve up something new. People are already bombarded with lots of similar greeting cards out there with the same old content and rehashed concept. You must try to be above these types of full color greeting cards.

Try to turn the typical greeting card concept on its head and basically present something totally original with a new styled message for full color printing. The more original the main concept and theme, the more you can expect a WOW from these cards.

2. Choose thick paper with special textures – Sometimes, people can just be easily impressed by the material elements of those special greeting cards. This means that you can get a WOW reaction from people if you just use very thick paper materials with special textures. The thicker the paper and with more exotic textures for smooth coatings the better.

These not only shows the professional nature of these greeting cards, but it also makes them totally impressive and of course look more trustworthy. So invest in thicker better paper for your greeting card printing.

3. Add metallic glitter inks in certain areas – A good way to earn that wow from readers is to add glitter or metallic inks in certain areas of your greeting card. More particularly, by using these in your title content as well as some parts of the logo, you can add that very posh, expensive and elegant feel to your business cards, that of course should get that wow reaction. In fact, for the best results, use gold style inks or silver shimmering inks to impress your readers more easily.

4. Write very personal and genuine messages – Believe me, your readers will say WOW several times if you use a very personal and genuine message in your greeting cards. If you can avail of dynamic digital printing of greeting cards and at least add some custom variables to each greeting card printing, you will gain more impressive points to readers as they will be able to relate and appreciate the content more due to its target centred and fully customized content. So try and see if you can do this with your own styles for greeting card printing.

5. Use an alternative uncommon greeting card template – Finally, if you still can’t get a good reaction for your greeting cards, try to use an alternative and uncommon template. By having a different size, shape and configuration for your greeting cards, you can of course get that all important initial and distinct view that will of course give your greeting cards that important opening to wow readers. So try as much as you can to use alternative card templates to add more originality to your prints.

Great! Now prepare to wow your greeting card readers! Use all these elements combined for the best and biggest effect.

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