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Gonecase - Best Handmade art Jewellery Store for Women online in India. Buy handmade fashion accessories Online at best prices. 

The minimalist look-books are the latest trends in fashion industry currently. To maintain that look just add the specially handcrafted jewellery provided by your hardworking craftiness. Each woman loves to look more ravishing unique and stylish personality at the same time and to balance that,Guest Posting just  put on your Handmade Jewellery on even your simple dress. Are you Still confused about how to achieve this then let me help you out here. The handmade jewellery  is a combination of multiple color depicted in a traditional art form either in the form of a Necklace, big and bold earnings or statement rings. Whether handicraft jewellery is the only kind of jewellery you always buy or something you picked up on your last trip to rajasthan, every girl will have at least one piece of handmade jewellery. We at Gonecase have the best designer Handmade fashion accessories ranging from handmade earnings , bags and necklaces to help you dress up next time.  The minimalist bohemian look is the fusion of fashion trends with traditional artwork . Hence the only one kind of jewellery piece that  will help you achieve it is the handmade ones . There are many reasons why handcrafted jewellery is more of an investment than pieces that are brought from a local market. Our craftsmen use their family traditional art work passed from generations to generations to provide you the authentic indian work. Ranging from rajshatni  katputli jewellery to Dokra in Orissa the diversity is tremendous on our website. Some of us are even lucky enough to have these traditional handpicked jewellery from our grandmothers. The emotions attached to a particular gifted jewellery or brought from your last place visited  will always reflect in your statement accessory be a big silver jewellery ring or handcrafted neck piece you will always love it to your core . But some of the girls are not that fortunate. if you are one of the later ones then we at Gonecase is among the  Best handmade jewellery seller in India. Just check the latest bohemian look on our feeds in website and add these beautiful and unique pieces in your jewellery collection. There’s a story behind each handmade jewellery. Our team has one of the best craftsmen where we have a unique reason for designing jewellery. Each piece is different from the rest on our website. We put in real hard work to craft each handmade jewellery piece. The motive of GONECASE is to provide a design which is known for sending a message. Just add any of the statement piece to your lookbook for upcoming festival season of Durga puja and Diwali is there and make heads turn around with your unique handpicked jewellery.

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Gone Case Hand Made Jewelry
Gone Case Hand Made Jewelry

'Why can't people wear their individuality'? There are so many art forms in India, why is nobody talking about them? We started getting obsessed with this question. And then spent our days and night researching about different art forms. We found out that people are only experiencing an imitation of the art forms and not the real product.  So we decided that why not we create a new design out of the old ones. And that's how Gonecase was born. Everywhere we have went, we have only received love from all you people. This makes us to keep experimenting with our product range. So that we can give you the best of the best quality.

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