How to Do a Business Printing Price Comparison

Dec 1


Vicky K. Russell

Vicky K. Russell

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In picking the right business printing company for your printing needs, there are several things that you must consider.


In choosing the right business printing company for your printing needs,How to Do a Business Printing Price Comparison Articles there are several things that you must consider so you can make the most of your budget. For example, if you are in Dallas, you better to do some research first in order to find the best printer for your print jobs. You can’t just settle with the first provider that you come across with when you could have found a much better deal from others. A professional Dallas business printing service provider is easy and simple to find – provided you know how to look. So for whatever type of print job, always remember to shop around first before you choose the printer you can work with.

Let’s say you have done your homework and did some research. You were able to find quite a few trustworthy business printing companies and you have asked about all their printing services and features, it’s about time to make your choice. Or not yet, as you need to fulfill one last step. You still need to do a price comparison.

Comparing the prices of business printing services can be a very tricky task. So to start with your comparison, consider the basic prices for the printing service that you need – but without including the extras. For example, you want to print business cards. Your desired quantity is 500; the size is 4 x 6 inches with front and back color; no special coating; and for a 5-day turnaround period. You may consider the price that you come up with after computation as the initial postcard price. This is the one that you will use to compare with other business printers. Now, use the same business card specifications with another business printing service and then compare the price result to the first one that you calculated.

When comparing printing prices, it is a basic consideration to use the same specifications. If you are comparing prices for business brochures, for instance, you surely have an idea of the quantity, dimensions, folds, paper stock, colors, and turnaround period. If you decide to check out a product with varying specifications, your price comparison will not be accurate. So make sure to allot some time to note down the specifications of your print job before searching for business printing companies.

Depending on the print job, be sure to include additional services such as binding or folding because these are significant factors that can affect the final cost. You may also take into consideration other services beyond printing. There are business printing companies that also offer mailing services, especially if you are planning to print postcards or other types of mail pieces for a direct mailing campaign.

When you found the right business printing company for your printing needs, make sure that you develop a good working relationship with them. It pays to deal with the same printer for your future printing requirements as they can give you a better deal the next time, being a repeat customer and all.

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