If you want to submit your URLs to FFA pages.

Dec 27


Natalie Bodrova

Natalie Bodrova

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FFA's are a great way to get traffic or it is a wasteof time. It is still the question at issue. And ... always been a hotly disputed ... you want to submit your URLs to these types of pa


FFA's are a great way to get traffic or it is a waste
of time. It is still the question at issue. And FFA's
have always been a hotly disputed subject.

If you want to submit your URLs to these types of pages,
make posting to them more effective:

1. Never use your primary email account
submitting your Ads to FFA pages,If  you  want to submit your URLs to FFA pages. Articles or Your email box will
be full of junk mail!

2. Call attention to your Ads.

A. *~You need have a good headline that attracts the most
readers and works extremely well.

B. *~Make Your Ad more visible on FFA pages.

Try this: In the section that asks you to type your
URL, instead of typing

type in




*~It is a chance to capture attention and stimulate
the interest of the people to your Ad~*.

Instead of plain old link, just like all the others,
Yours will have large bright text on a bright light

3. Submit Your URLs frequently to a lot of sites,
to large number of FFA pages. Get Your 2,000,000,000
automated ad submissions with MegaResponse: As soon
as you join MegaResponse you get all the tools
you need to get 97,656,240 ads. All 100% FREE of
charge! Take a look at everything you get...
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- Your own ad network
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- Your wn FFA site
- Your own classified site
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- Earn money.

4. Use an automated submission program or service
- don't waste your precious time with manual
submissions. Automating this process with
WorldSubmitter will enable to submit your URLs to
3.1 Million FFA (Free For All) link pages, (and over
121785 Classified Ads sites and over 17415 Message Board)
- automatically, with one click of the button, without
spending hours! All totally free!

This program provides a completely automated process
for submitting to FFA pages, using one window of your
browser ... and you are *~free. WorldSubmitter will
work for you. During submitting your ads to FFA with
WorldSubmitter, you can to talk with your friends,
through ICQ, ... or look through very interesting
web-pages, or ... upload your site to server, ... or ...
download e-books and software ....

5. Run your own FFA page. Very popular FFA Network
with over 120,000 members is SmallBiz FFA. Get Your
Classified Ad on 111,111 websites for FREE!+
Your own FREE Link Submission Service!

There are many sites on the Web space which can offer
you your own FFA page. You may get a customizable FFA
page totally free on FfaNet! Click here and get
hundreds of hits to your site a day!

Generate Traffic and promote your websites with Easy FFA:


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