Internet Marketing: Learn quick tips for a quick buck

Aug 18


Hari Qumar

Hari Qumar

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The world is changing; the buzz word is global village. The boundaries, borders, barriers no longer exist. In a sense it is a wired world, or a ...


The world is changing; the buzz word is global village. The boundaries,Internet Marketing: Learn quick tips for a quick buck Articles borders, barriers no longer exist.  In a sense it is a wired world, or a digital world. So, in this fast moving world, how would you like to make a fast buck in a short span of time in Internet Marketing? Sounds Impossible!

Well, then let us see what PPC is all about. Now, got it! Yes, I am talking about Pay-per-Click. Paid or sponsored form of search results. What are they? As the term itself signifies, PPC is actually pay-per-click. That is, you as an advertiser pay to the search engine (who has given space for you to advertise in their website) only, when a user clicks on your ad.  For him to click on your Ad displayed on the search engine, the ad has to be short, easy to understand and captivating to click on it.

Length of PPC Ads:

A search engine PPC Ad should have the following 4 lines:1.   Ad Title2.-3. Two description lines

  1.    Display URL

As per Google Ads;An Ad title should have a maximum length of 25 characters including spaces. Title is usually written to attract users who are interested in your products or services.

The Two description lines should have a maximum length of 35 characters including spaces. These two lines or the copy of your ad should be used effectively to sell your product or service and convince the user to click on the ad and purchase it.

The Display URL should have a maximum length of 35 characters including spaces. This shows the name of the website, the user visits, once he clicks on your ad.

As per Yahoo or Overture Ads;1.   Ad Title (maximum length of 40 characters including spaces).2.   Description (maximum length of 70 characters including spaces).3.   Display URL (maximum length of 35 characters including spaces).

Word of caution: An Ad should not have superlative words used, like ‘best’.

Also, we need to keep in mind, that we make only 1 Ad for various keywords in Google whereas, we can make as many numbers of Ads as there are keywords, in Yahoo or Overture.

Types of Ads: We can have the following types of ads displayed:

  1. Text Ads: They are the most popularly used Ads according to search engines. They are also search engine friendly. This depends on the bidding that you make for your Ads. The higher the Bid, the better the placement of your ads to gain more web traffic in Google.This also depends on the type of keywords used in the title and description of the ads.
  2. Banner Ads: Though their importance is decreased now-a-days, banner ads are still considered important incase of websites. The banner ads are considered to be one of the most proven methods of gaining web traffic to your website. 
  3. Video Ads: These types of ads have also been used in many of the websites like, etc. to gain more web traffic to your website.

How do you make a quick buck?

The placement of your Ad in Google depends on several factors:

1.      Bidding amount.2.      Click through Rate(CTR).3.      Impressions.

Let us take an example of how an PPC Ad campaign works.

Let us say, you are doing an Affiliate marketing ad for an Ebook campaign for a client. The cost of the Ebook is assumed at $70. And, you earn a 50% commission from client for the PPC campaign. That is, you are earning $35. Suppose, you bidded 0.5 cents per click for the placement of your ad in the search engine. So, each of the click of the user to your ad makes you give 0.5 cents to the search engine. Now, in order to get conversions (or to make atleast 1 sale of your product), say, you get 50 clicks to your PPC ad. Assume that you are spending $25 for the ad campaign.  So, what is your profit? It is $10 per day($35-$25). This means that you are making a profit of $10 per day on 1 PPC campaign or $300 per month by just monitoring your ad campaign on a daily basis. Imagine, if you had a number of PPC campaigns how much would you be earning on a daily basis with conversions coming after every 5 clicks?

Making money from online ads has never been so easy. If only you can get your act together, you could easily end up milking dollars with PPC campaigns. An Opportunity worth giving a shot.