Optimizing PPC Solutions for Home Services for Mobile Users

Feb 24




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Finding a PPC agency might be easy but, discovering the most professional one is hard. We, at White Shark Media.


When advertising online,Optimizing PPC Solutions for Home Services for Mobile Users Articles it’s important to focus on mobile. In fact, it is really important to focus on it. User preference for mobile isn’t slowing down! Those in the industry have been watching mobile usage climb for years, and it isn’t over yet. In fact, the opposite is now true. If you aren’t thinking of how your PPC management for home services is being seen on tablet and smartphones, now is the time to do that.


When homeowners need a plumber, painter, HVAC technician, handyman, or someone else to work on their house, they pull out their smartphone to find someone. It’s time to customize your PPC ads for a mobile experience or your efforts in this arena simply will not do well. PPC marketers who ignore mobile are risking wasting paid budgets and losing opportunities to reach their target market. That includes your business in the home services industry. You should be following a few tips and tricks, as told by leading PPC experts:


#1 Focus on short, local keywords. When someone pulls out their iPhone, Chromebook, or other mobile device to start a search query online, they’re typing in something like “Miami, FL handyman” or “emergency plumber near me.” Research shows us that people type in more short tail keywords compared to long tail on mobile. Make sure your headlines are short and to the point and you aren’t allocating a mobile budget to long-tail keywords that won’t be typed on a mobile search.


#2 Run mobile ad campaigns during business hours. People use mobile phones and tablets to search primarily for convenience and urgency; they’re on the go or they plan to call your company immediately because they need your service right away. This is why you’ll want to target mobile during your business owners when someone will actually be there to answer the phone!


#3 Create and send people to mobile-friendly landing pages. Your mobile PPC campaigns should be sending traffic to dedicated, mobile-friendly landing pages. It’s a big mistake to set up a PPC account for new potential customers to find your products and services, then lead them to desktop versions of your landing page that won’t be displayed properly. This makes no sense! Your bounce rate will go through the roof, and you’ll waste a lot of clicks.


Yes, this means learning more about PPC and taking extra steps to ensure your ads are optimized completely and performing well. If this isn’t something you think you can take on right now, ignoring it isn’t the other option. It is time to bring in an agency that knows exactly how to handle PPC management for home services. A team of PPC experts will get to work for you, making sure your ads are seen by the right people, at the right time, and on the right devices. If you’re not taking this next step, you are losing customers to your competitors who are.