Pay Per Click Services In Mumbai

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Paid Advertising on the internet is popularly known as PPC which means Pay Per Click. Another form of PPC are CPC which means Cost Per Click and CPM, Cost Per Mille, which further means Cost Per Thousand impressions and the "M" represents the Roman numeral for 1000. Varahii is a PPC Company in Mumbai providing PPC services to various clients.


Why we are the best for PPC services in Mumbai

For effective PPC advertising conversions, Pay Per Click Services In Mumbai Articles Varahii is the best option you can have which is providing perfect solutions for Pay Per Click Services In Mumbai for your Online Advertising. Our team of highly experienced and Google certified Adwords Experts makes sure that you get high ROI on your PPC campaigns. We work for conversion rate optimization and try to fetch you the high volume of targeted customers for your products and services. We don't charge any setup costs. We work on a monthly retainer basis and we charge a 20% to 25% of consultation fees of the entire budget you plan to spend in a month under PPC and CPM campaigns.

However, if you take our entire digital marketing package the PPC advertising and CPM campaigns will be offered to you on no separate charges. It will be inclusive of your PPC advertising and CPM AD campaigns. Currently, there are many companies providing PPC services in India, but Varahii is unique due to its out of the box thinking. We bring high ROI with conversion rate optimization for the lead generations which we do through PPC for your company or products.
"Our PPC Advertising Management services come with unique ideas."


Features of our PPC Company

Search Advertising

Search engine marketing or Search advertising, also known as Paid Search, SEM, and PPC advertising is adverts that we publish on various Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. When a user launches any search query on the search engine, he gets the top 10 results on the first page of the search engine. You can choose the top of results, right side, left side or bottom of search results to display your advertisement. The AD which we publish for your PPC advertising campaign will bring you mostly the target customers who might turn into buyers for you.


Display Advertising

Display advertising or display ADs are image-based ADs and also known as banner ADs. We can use attractive images and text in the display ADs. Display ADs can be configured as per the theme color and graphics as per our company logo and look. Display ADs look better than text ADs because of the imagery and banners. Display ads can be put in search engines and social networks and social media websites. You can also opt to display your ADs on other company's websites or blogs.


Social Media

Social media marketing or Social Media Advertising is a powerful idea because of the huge number of users on social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We can schedule the PPC agency ad campaigns on social media websites for particular hours of user activity during the day time or night time. Every social media user base has a different choice of time for surfing. Our experts have perfect knowledge of the type of users and their timings for better ROI for your PPC campaigns on social media.



Remarketing is the process of marketing and branding your company or products and services to such users who have already visited your company website or company page on any social media. You need to have a constant flow of repeat visitors to your website to gain a higher number of sales conversions. To bring your target customers back to your website regularly, we create awesome PPC campaigns for faster sales conversions. We handle remarketing with the help of various discounts and offers available for your products and services.


Google Shop

If you are an online store selling any products or goods then Google Shop PPC advertising Campaigns are highly recommended for your digital marketing. Google shop is a powerful option for your sales conversions. Display ADs and Banners ADs can be used for PPC campaigns for your Google Shop advertising. Our team of expert digital marketing professionals creates a highly effective and stunning display and banner ADs for your PPC campaigns on the Google shop platform.


Mobile Advertising

App and Mobile advertising is growing day by day with the increasing number of smartphone users. We can launch a PPC advertising campaign for numerous mobile apps that offer an advertising option. We target apps with a high volume of daily users so that our AD gets maximum visibility and sales conversions. Mobile advertising is the fastest-growing advertising medium in today's time. Our expert PPC management team knows how to launch and manage your PPC advertising campaign to various Apps and bring you maximum traffic on your website.


Keyword Analysis

We do an extensive keyword analysis before designing your PPC AD campaigns. Our keyword research team studies all the platforms for the best suiting keywords for your AD title and AD text description. The right type of keyword in your title will bring more clicks to your PPC advertising and in turn, you will get a high volume of website visitors. Once your website traffic is increased with the help of PPC ADs then there are higher chances of better sales conversions.


Landing Page

Our PPC services in India are handled by the expert website development teams, experienced digital marketing executives and top in class concept makers. When we blend all these qualities into your PPC AD campaigns, then the rate of website visitors, sales conversion and ROI increases tremendously. Landing page design and optimization is one such essential component of PPC advertising. When your customers click your PPC AD then they should be redirected to a perfectly designed and optimized landing page where his decision of purchasing your product should not be delayed at all.



We create and provide you daily, weekly and monthly reports for our PPC services in India and abroad. This gives you a clear understanding of the day to day progress of your marketing, branding and sales conversions. Our reports cover all important metrics like budget spend of PPC advertising, the total number of impressions, the total number of clicks, the total number of website visitors, sales conversions and overall performance report of the PPC advertising.

Benefits of PPC services in India

Increase Traffic
Increase Branding
Increase Brand Awareness
High Customer Retention
Increase in Sales
Increase in Revenue
Reach Large No of Customers
Increase Repeat Customers
High ROI
Better customer engagement
Faster conversions
Less Manpower
Less Infrastructure
Minimize Paid Adverts
Sales Automation


Industries we cater for PPC services in India

Hotels & Hospitality
Travel & Tourism
Food & Restaurant
Film & Entertainment
Radio& TV
Fashion & Apparel
Lifestyle Accessories
Health & Fitness
Medical & Pharma
Nutrition & Supplements
Equipment & Machinery


PPC services in India - Overview

When you put an Advertisement with the PPC advertising model on any search engine or social media, you should always focus on your target customers. PPC advertising gives you an opportunity for achieving a high rate of conversions and ROI. In PPC you have freedom of choosing your target customers based on their type of Google search queries, Age, Demographics, Location, Country, Language, Sex, Education, interests, students, Working Professionals and many more such metrics. Our company is the most suitable PPC services agency in India for your PPC AD Management services.


Need for PPC services in India, Mumbai

PPC advertising campaigns are more effective when you know the correct time to run them. During the day time or night time, it depends on the type of target customers you are approaching through PPC ADs and their preferred time of internet surfing. Our team knows the optimum time for launching a PPC campaign for 24 hours of the day. We design, draft and create appealing and attractive ADs that are blended with meaningful images and to the point information.

We create your PPC AD campaigns in the most effective manner and optimize every campaign for maximum clicks. This will bring huge traffic to your website and landing page where you can expect higher sales conversions.