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What makes a site ... how can you turn your website into a ... online ... are millions of sites all trying to sell ... but ... suggest that only

What makes a site successful?

Discover how can you turn your website into a highly
successful online business.
There are millions of sites all trying to sell you
something but statistics suggest that only 1% of
websites are profitable. We have been looking at
exactly what it is that makes a site successful - so
that you can make sure you are one of the top percent
making huge profits.

Choosing what to sell…
First you need to decide on a niche market. Research
all your potential competition. Forget trying to
compete with the likes of Amazon and CD sites. Try
focusing on a niche market that you are familiar with.

Next you need to ensure that the market exists for your
chosen product. There are research tools that you can
use to find this out. Have a look at and make use of the
overture search suggestion tool -

Building your site…
Once you have built your site there are some important
factors that you need to consider.

When a visitor finds your site,Guest Posting your page must load
quickly - in less than 10 seconds. Cut down on flashy
graphics to speed up your load time and make sure that
all graphics are optimized.

As soon as your page has loaded you have about 6
seconds to convince your visitor to stay and look

Think about removing your logo. If you really want to
use your logo, shrink it and put it to one side. More
important than your logo is an opportunity to promote
your site - highlight the benefits of your site,
convince your visitor that it is worth their time to
stay on your site and have a look around.

For example if you're selling magic tricks or party
products, remove your logo and replace with powerful
headlines, "Become the Life and Soul of any party.."

That way your visitor knows exactly what you have to
offer and you have given them a reason to stay on your
site and motivated them to explore - already you are
half way to a sale!

Using email addresses…
As well as gaining sales, you also want to collect
email addresses from your visitors.
Encourage your visitors to sign up to a newsletter by
offering them something in return - the chance to win a
gift voucher, discounts on future orders with you - use
competitions, pop ups - anything you can.. Once you
have an email address you can keep in touch with your
visitor; use it as a promotional tool to advertise
special offers and new products.

Be adventurous…
Test and try absolutely everything. Be adventurous and
try out new marketing strategies, look at your shipping
costs, change the layout of your site…

Example - I recently changed the shipping costs on my
site - to my surprise this led to an increase in sales.
Postage was originally $2 for orders under $20, $3.50
for orders between $20 and $25 and free over that
price. I noticed that I had few orders in the $20 - $25
price range. I decided to lower shipping costs to $2
for all orders under $25 and free for over that price.
Orders especially increased in the $20 - $25 price

I know for a fact that very few website owners will do
any testing or make any changes. Make sure you do - the
only way to increase your profits is to try out new

Content for your site…
When writing the text for your pages, make sure it is
personal. Remember that it is just you and your
visitor. Be honest, build up trust so that you gain
repeat customers.

Your text needs to be simple and easy to read. Use
short sentences and paragraphs.

Emphasize and point out all your benefits throughout
your text.

Example - imagine that you are selling a car that does
0-60mph in 5.2secs. Don't just state the facts, point
out the all the benefits - be the first off at the
lights, impress your friends, plus increase your safety
- accelerating quickly may get you out of trouble!

Securing the sale…
It must be easy for your visitor to order. Limit
options and choices to make the ordering process as
simple and fast as possible. Use simple buttons like
'Order Now'. Think about the details you need when
someone orders - don't include irrelevant questions as
this will put your visitor off. Do you really need date
of birth, occupation, etc..

The power of your guarantee…
Use guarantees so that your visitor feels secure and
confident in ordering with you. The more security you
can give, the safer your visitor will feel. This way
they are more likely to order.

Use the best guarantee you can - the longer the better
no matter whether you are selling an information
product or a tangible product. Research shows that
you'll get less returns and it will help convince
people to order. As always test your guarantee and try
using different guarantees.
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