Selecting Quality over Quantity of Twitter Followers

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Purchasing followers and likes on facebook, twitter and instagram is a common thing. But you should have awareness about that the followers and likes you are going to be purchasing are Real Instagram Followers , Real twitter followers or fake.

You'll hear almost every online marketing expert say that quality traffic is far more significant than quantity. However,Guest Posting quality traffic can be more difficult to come by and many people go for the simple option by stumping up for fake Twitter followers or purchasing likes on Facebook.


The sort of quality traffic, proponents, shares, likes and fans it is easy to get is:

– Free
– Valuable
– Responsive
– Good for building relations
– Getting genuine interest
– Long term


Getting quality twitter followers is about reaching out to people to gain a responsive and genuinely interested audience. This can be done by setting up a blog, joining up to a social exchange site like Add Me Fast, submitting articles in directories or marketing on forums.


Though building a top notch list of followers can be time-consuming, it is also feasible to do it for free which can end up in long term fans who are interested in your products, brand or services. To gain quality traffic you need to supply something of worth to your Twitter followers such as useful links, engaging tweets, guidance or various media to keep them coming back for more and to constantly have their support.


The type of quantity traffic, proponents, shares, likes and fans you can get is:

– From any source
– Giant
– Good for huge niches
– Range of costs
– Conversions primarily based on numbers

If you're more keen on collecting a sizeable amount of traffic then you can do that for a variety of costs and can even get big quantities of twitter followers, but this is often just numbers and nothing to do with collecting a respondent audience. Most Twitter proponents that you purchase are fake profiles which will not respond to tweets and other posts.

If you collect “quantity” traffic i.e. Large amounts of followers you don't have to worry about where you source your traffic from. With big numbers of fans, you should buy them from mechanical services if you like. These services offer empty profiles which are not owned by real folk but are a profile nevertheless which implies you can gain massive amounts of supporters.

Quality and Quantity

Most people find themselves dedicating their efforts towards targeting either quantity OR quality traffic on Twitter. However, both work!

Where quantity i.e. Big numbers of proponents can be excellent for boosting recognition and branding, quality i.e. Individuals that are certain to respond and help with conversions are a great for making plenty of real sales.

If you can get a balance between the two, you are most certain to have perfect success, but actually it's all about selecting the type of traffic that will work best for you. Joining a social exchange network such as Add Me Fast is a great method of getting both quality and quantity traffic by socially “exchanging” likes and followers with fellow members so that you can help one another out and generate both quality and quantity.

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