Snapchat Introduces a Non Skippable Ad Format

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Previously, ads on snapchat would run for 3 to 10 seconds only. The vertical ads would continue on a link provided below (if clicked). However, now snapchat introduces a non skippable ad format for companies to pursue. The new format allows a run time of 6 seconds that cannot be skipped. Much like YouTube’s advertisement. On Snapchat the run time can extend upto three minutes. 

On YouTube the ad runs for 5 seconds before the users preferred video plays. After the run time the user has the choice to click or skip the advertisement. The only difference in both the platform is,Guest Posting YouTube plays a pre-roll snippet and snap chat will plays a mid-roll snippet of the advertisement. 

This new development will allow advertisers to offer a 6 second teaser. If it catches the user's attention, the commercial can run upto 3 minutes. The challenge for advertisers is to make a catchy and appealing teaser. The added run time for the ad will allow advertisers and creators to ensue more flexibility. Also, the six second teaser and the extended advertisement will run in continuation rather than in a stand-alone format. Thus, advertisers need to come up with great ideas to deploy in the first few seconds. For now Snapchat advertisers can request a beta version for their account. Until the full version rolls out in the future. 

Snapchat uses a similar platform for ad campaign like Facebook. If you aren’t familiar with the ad campaign manager, don’t worry. There is a popup at every step that guides you accordingly. Choose your objectives whether to improve awareness, drive traffic or lead conversions. To drive traffic and increase awareness try to set more specific target market. Also, select placements accordingly. So that the message is effectively conveyed. 

If the beta version of the new ad format is successful, the advertisers on Snapchat will reap huge benefits. Advertising on Snapchat helps companies reach a massive audience ‘on the go’. Advertisers can easily track customer behaviours with snap pixel. Marketers will add a code for their respective website in the analytics. This will help track customers who have clicked the advertisement. Also, Snap pixel feature will let marketers know whether their campaign is achieving their business goals. The good news is: Snapchat ensues more conversions and the chances of watching your advertisement is relatively high. Also, customer engagement is high. The platform helps customers to relate to the company's culture. Moreover, snapchat is a great platform for influencer marketing

Let’s see how the new ad format turns out to be!

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