The Items On Your Heatset Printing Checklist

Oct 26


Kaye Z. Marks

Kaye Z. Marks

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What are the items on your checklist for heatset printing

Before beginning with the heatset printing process,The Items On Your Heatset Printing Checklist Articles you should go through this very important checklist. You would not want to waste your money on heat set web printing that is not set properly with the right design and specifications.

So read on through this guide and start asking the right questions about your prints. This checklist should help you to realize exactly if you are indeed ready.

1. Did you hire the right offset printer? – Of course, it is important to look back and see if you did hire the right offset printer. You do not want to commit to an order, only to find out that this particular printer cannot do it the way you want to, or maybe they actually add on many hidden costs. So make sure that you actually trust the printing company you hired. Make sure that you review the comments about the printer as well as analyze carefully their printing samples. Make sure that you will be paying for the right price.

2. Did you triple check your designs and layout? – Also, before you commence, you should always triple check your designs and layout. Once the heatset process starts after actual printing, there is no turning back really. Everything will be strongly inked into paper after printing and you will not be able to change a thing. That is why it is important that you triple-check the designs and the layout. Make sure that everything is in the right place, with the right colors and the right resolutions.

3. Is your content accurate? – Of course, also make sure that the content is accurate. No mistakes, no matter how small in the content, are tolerated. This is because you do not want to waste money on prints with the wrong message or of course contain error-filled messages. Those kinds of prints will not work, even if this is high quality printing. That is why you should make sure that you review your content several times. Check all the spellings one by one and of course proofread and review the whole writing style. Make sure the content is perfect and accurate so that you can do heatset web printing without too much trouble.

4. Did you check your material options? – You might also want to check if you chose the right material options. Again, there will be no turning back once you have chosen your paper and ink materials for printing. So be sure that you truly want to use that particular paper and ink combination that you are eyeing. The thicker the better it is for the paper, but using specific colors and other exotic type inks must be used with care and deliberation. Just make sure they will apply to your own prints well.

5. Do you have enough resources? – Finally, check if you have enough resources to pull off your printing order. The cost is quite significant and you will want to prepare the right amount before you actually commit to the order. If you cannot match the order cost, just go back, mix, and match your material options and configuration until it is at an ideal rate for you.

I hope that this helps you enough to prepare your designs and drafts properly for heatset printing.