The Weak Link that Renders Your Door Hangers Ineffective

Aug 27


Katie Marcus

Katie Marcus

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What are the weak link that causes your door hangers to become ineffective

Are you finding out that your door hangers are not as effective as they should be? Many factors can cause custom door hangers to fail.

They may be weak physically,The Weak Link that Renders Your Door Hangers Ineffective Articles or your main concept for promotions using door hangers is just wrong. You may have design flaws, or you may have made mistakes with your distribution. In this article, we will show you where the most common weak links to effective door hangers are. This should give you a plan of action as to where to look for problems when printing door hangers for marketing.

Looking for weak materials – Your first stop in finding the weak link in door hangers is the material itself. Many people do not realize it, but their door hangers might already have deteriorated before they even had a chance to give their message. Especially when promoting in seasons with adverse weather, a door hanger might not last long enough for people to see them.

So try to see if your door hangers were printed with good or weak materials. Do your door hangers use moisture resistant paper and coatings? Are they thick enough to hang effectively at a doorknob or are they easily blown away? In most cases, there is a weak link in the materials for door hangers, which can shorten their lifespan significantly, so try check for these things first.

Identifying bad message concepts – Next, you should also review if your message concept was indeed correct. For example, you may be marketing using the angle of luxurious services to a neighborhood, which might always prefer cheaper or affordable things.

In that case, the marketing angle becomes ineffective. People will just ignore your color door hangers without even bothering to read all of it. If your materials were not the weak link, maybe your message was and it was the cause of the lackluster results for your door hangers.

Figuring out your design flaws – Beyond the messages though, you might also discover a few fundamental design flaws in your design. This can also be a weak spot in door hangers since not all door hangers can be effectively placed at all types of doorknobs.

There are cases of door hanger marketing where almost all door hangers that were hung in the neighborhood were swept away by a simple gust of wind because the hook element was not appropriate for the doorknobs in the area. Avoid this from happening by making an ocular observation of your target neighborhood and figuring out the best door hanger hook type for the most common doorknobs in the location.

Determining your competitive chances – Do not forget as well that there are other people out there who promote using door hangers. There have been instances when two firms coincidentally used door hangers in the same location. As one placed their marketing door hanger, the other one replaced it with theirs. They did this to each other eventually never really getting anything done.

Before you go promoting, see if other people are promoting themselves in the same way. If there is, you may want to try other days for hanging your door hangers or you may want to try a different medium altogether.

Overhauling your distribution scheme – Finally, one of the weakest points in a door hanger marketing campaign is the distribution scheme. It is hard to accurately predict how people will react to a door hanger promo in their front door.

It is crucial that you always take into account the demographics of your target neighborhoods. Pick only the households that have a high chance of favoring your door hangers. By selecting the neighborhoods and houses like that you can maximize your distribution potential getting the best results for it.

Hopefully with these steps, you should be able to discover where the weak parts are in your door hanger marketing. Do not worry about these mistakes since door hanger printing is a continuing learning process. The more you do it, the better you will be at it. Keep on trying. Eventually, you should be able to create door hangers with no apparent weaknesses. Good Luck!