Together we will do it. (2020)

Oct 28


Twenty7 Inc

Twenty7 Inc

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I am trying to take you back to make you realize that if you can earn the faith of your community, anything is possible.



When Barak Obama fought the American Presidential election,Together we will do it. (2020) Articles he gave a slogan; we can, we will. Barak Obama won the US presidential election and created history by becoming the first Black US president.

I am trying to take you back to make you realize that if you can earn the faith of your community, anything is possible.

Today in the year 2020 we are stuck in some unprecedented time. Times like this come with hard questions about several things. But most importantly, it comes around with questioning our existence. The entire human race future depends on solving the hard problem of the COVID-19 situation. Around the world, life is at a halt. It seems like everything has stopped. But in between this pandemic, many things are brewing up.

It might not be relevant, but what is happening in the USA is disturbing. People have come on the road in this pandemic to seek the justice of Mr. Blake. Mr. Blake was shot by a police officer seven times.

This movement has got me to this quote and Barak Obama, then something unique came in my mind.

When it is about survival, it brings out the virtues.

That is what happened when Barak Obama became president of the USA. Right now we are in a mode of survival, and it will bring out the virtues of people, businesses, state, and everything related to life.

Now. let’s talk a little bit about the businesses. I have already mentioned that it is time for survival. When things are not moving at all, it is ought to become a big obstacle for growth. Particularly businesses that got hit directly by the world-over lockdown.

As a marketing agency, we see that this is a time to do our best. My suggestion to my fellow business owners will be, just do your best and bring out your virtues.

Use social media, media, and other ways to promote your stuff. You need to find out ways to reach your target audience.

This situation has given an ample amount of time to business owners. So, take this opportunity to talk directly to your customers. Call them, wish them; ask them how they are feeling? how they are surviving. Offer your support to those who are in need. More than anything it is the time to become more human. Building this bonding should be the priority for especially those who are in the service industry.

Those who are not in the service industry can find out a way to reach their existing audience, offer them help through email, social media posts, etc.

I know, no one can share anyone’s pain. This is the time to listen to their story. People are still stuck inside the home. They are not sure about their future. Middle-class and lower class have been facing a major challenge.

Every company in the industry, irrespective of its forte should practice empathy and compassion like never before. These are the things that will take us through.

Therefore this is the approach that we should take in the year 2020. An approach towards humanity. Ethical business practices and building trust in our community. Be it a business community or human community.

Together only we will do it.


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