Top 10 Tips For Buying Branded USB Memory Sticks

Jul 15


Steve Nets

Steve Nets

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Branded USB Memory sticks are incredibly popular at the moment but lots of people buying them for their school, college or university are not really sure what questions to ask their suppliers. This top 10 list puts you on the front foot and equips you with some basic information to get you started


1. Choose the right stick : There is nothing better than a product that looks like it has been designed for purpose and nothing worse than one than one that is not fit for purpose. Material,Top 10 Tips For Buying Branded USB Memory Sticks Articles shape and colour options are the fundamentals to consider

2. Choose the right capacity : There is a delicate balance between choosing the correct capacity and the budget available for your Branded USB Memory Sticks. The cheapest sticks are normally the lowest capacities and these are often used as promotional giveaways. If you want to add company data to your branded USB, it is important to make sure that there is sufficient space, not only for this data, but also enough space remaining to make the stick functional for the user. Its all about balance – there’s no point paying for memory that you don’t necessarily need to promote your product or company effectively.

3. Choose the right logo : This may seem strange considering that you would normally use your corporate branding but how you apply this logo to the memory stick is vitally important. The size, positioning and colour combination within the logo can improve the effectiveness of its visual impact.

4. Choose the right branding options : Spot printing is not the only option. Logos with colour blending can now be printed using digital print technology. Laser engraving on metal-cased sticks is a professional looking, long lasting option and embossing on leather USB’s are a couple of other ideas that more and more people are starting to use

5. Choose the right artwork : Providing the artwork in the correct format is essential to ensure that the quality of the branding on the finished article is of the highest quality. Vector shape logos are by far the best quality and never lose any sharpness irrespective of how big or small you make the logo. These logos are normally found in EPS or AI format

6. Choose the right packaging : If you USB Memory Stick is a “corporate gift” then it will look more impressive in a great looking box or tin. If its simply a promotional giveaway then as a general rule you don’t need to go to the additional expense of packaging.

7. Choose the right accessory : Key rings, karabiners and lanyards are always great ways of enhancing your branded product by making it more functional and easier to carry. In the case of the lanyard, this too can be branded to increase your marketing potential.

8. Choose the right timeframe : Please, please, please leave your self enough time when considering a purchase of Branded USB memory sticks. They are not produced overnight and in the majority of cases they are manufactured in the Far East. This means you need to allow at least 14 days from the approval of a graphic proof to the production and delivery of your final product. However in some cases, suppliers will hold blank stock, which can be printed but be prepared to pay more to have them branded locally

9. Choose the right price : Surely the cheapest price is always the right one. This is not the case and there are certain factors to be consider when investigating prices for your branded USB memory sticks. Firstly, is the chipset in the USB brand new, don’t be afraid to ask. Secondly, does the price include a warranty, if so how comprehensive is it? Finally, does the price include all of the costs, i.e. Artwork setup, production and delivery?

10. Choose the right company : Last but certainly not the least important is choosing the right company to supply you with your Branded USB memory sticks. It is of utmost importance that you choose a reputable company that has an established reputation in the marketplace. There are far too many people trying to make a ‘quick buck’ from unsuspecting customers so don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from companies they have supplied to. Pre and post sales support from designated account managers will help to ensure that whole process runs smoothly and you are provided with the correct information from the outset.