What are the ways to reduce touch-points on the social media conversion funnel?

Oct 28


michael corsole

michael corsole

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These article explains What are the ways to reduce touch-points on social media conversion funnel?


Social media is a route through which customers move at every point of the journey while making any purchase or see the products and services. The social media marketing funnel divided into four main sections that are the discovery of anything, What are the ways to reduce touch-points on the social media conversion funnel? Articles intent to but, conversion and loyalty for a long-lasting relationship with the brand. There are few touchpoints that can slow down the buyer rather than guiding throughout. It trims the targeting influencers and makes the buyer turn in a different direction. Touchpoints can prompt conversions but also slow down the buyers. If you are not good at social media marketing always lookout for a digital marketing agency for greater exposure. There are a few ways that can be used on social media for the reduction of touchpoints of the social media conversion funnel:

  1. Target Influencers to reduce affinity groups that are unnecessary- Affinity groups develop roughness near the top of the funnel. This is the portion where an online purchaser decides to buy or purchase any product. For example- if someone is like a camping trip for summer, he must be looking for that related page and join to get the information and guidance for camping tents or who share the same interest. Elimination of this social touchpoint can pull buyers in many different directions from buying a tent of your brand by directly targeting the influencers with the content of yours. Influencers are present all over the social media sites majorly. Instead of targeting the huge content with your content, figure out who can be your industry influencers and polish their social channels to find out the nice content they are likely to intensify and who can directly target them.

Many of them can share industry influencer to attract towards the industry and drive unlimited buyers away from dark affinity groups and let them direct to land towards your page, all you need to have your land page should be ready in a better way.

  1. Enhance your social landing pages - there is always some misunderstanding that well establishes and successful brands that PPC landing pages can double as social landing pages. They can’t. Visitors who visit from social can land at your site from near to the top of the funnel. When PPC advertisements drive visitors toward your page and on the other hand there are customers who arrive from near the bottom of the funnel. There are many services such as Unbounce and spaces that can be used to optimize the social and PPC both. PPC landing pages are designed in a way to transform customers who have decided to already to buy but they were just waiting for the right time and right place. Whereas, social landing pages are designed to deliver a value proposition to the visitors who are not much familiar with the brand or any product of your brand.
  2. Social Requirement as a sale is not the last leg of the conversion funnel- Conversion the focus and a big goal but it’s not the last goal. Having buyers to become a brand ambassador once the purchase is done is the last stage of the social consumer’s decision journey. Removing touchpoints for future buyers is converted buyers for recommending you. Research has proved that every demographic is influence to buy from social sharing from previous customer’s views. There are always different reviews, it may be like likely, fair likely or somewhat likely to buy after seeing a colleague recommendation. These takeaways enhance the landing pages for social media to start in a great way but those LPs must be backup by the confirmation pages which are designed to turn conversions into brand ambassadors.
  3. Use case studies to have customers bypass reviews- It is very natural for the consumers to seek the reviews while creeping down towards the bottom of the funnel. But many times reviews become a touchpoint occupied with resistance. Review sites and comment sections can be drifted and they can be damaged by the competitors or the people with many irrational expectations. Testimony can be fruitful but they can also be well designed and fabricated and these things are well aware by the smart customers.
  4. Use paid advertising or native advertising to reduce every touchpoint- There are many simple ways to reduce the touchpoints on the social media conversion funnel by having paid tweets. All native advertising can encourage direct purchases but paid tweets make purchases more than thirty times which is result in thirty times more direct purchases. You must trim unnecessary touchpoints wherever it required and necessary. When there are few steps between the discovery and conversion there will be less friction for the journey of the buying process. This road from discovery to purchase should be small and straight as much possible. Conclusion

    The social media conversion funnel will improve even complicated cases. All you just need the right data to improve the all-over the experience of the users to divert and generate more sales. That’s why the regular collection of data and test running is important to do on a continues basis. As we know there are four stages of the conversion funnel that is awareness, interest, desire, and action which is all need to enhance the content and pages at every stage. You must aware of a few things while building social media conversion funnel that is the identification of customer journey, create the funnel stages, and describe the point at which a user becomes a lead. This can be done to make decisions while going for digital marketing, social marketing, content marketing, and many more. One must reduce the touchpoints on the social media conversion funnel to drive the visitors towards your industry and content will help to purchase products and increase sales. It can be improving and track through performance indicators that required for conversion funnels like traffic, conversion rate, bounce rate, sales increment, cart desertion, etc. and from all these one can collect data and record the test of the users to reduce more touchpoints on social media and outperforms with the competition.