What is Advertising?

May 16


Jordyn Whitman

Jordyn Whitman

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Advertising is a form which we use to communicate and make influence on individuals for building a better chance of selling your service or product. There are agencies that are called advertising agency.


An advertising agency is often called creative agency and those agencies are creating advertising plan. Advertising agency will not only make your influence on media audience,What is Advertising? Articles but will make better chances of getting bigger profit for your services or company. Why is it called creative agency? It is called creative agency because advertising agency just has to be creative. Advertising agency is also called creative agency because of its planning, advertising plan is always creative and must have affect on its audience. After advertising agency or often referred to as a creative agency finishes your advertising plan, your services or product is in a front of your buyers. There are many ways to advertise and most popular way is media buying. What is media buying and how does it work, read to the next chapter.

Media Buying   Media buying is buying a specific amount of time on any media. There are agencies that are called media buying agencies. There is not much of a difference between advertising agency and media buying agencies, both of those agencies will go towards your goals and some prefer advertising agency, some of them media buying agencies. Some media buying agencies are also partners with some advertising agencies.   Advertising Agency Strategy and Plan   In order to advertise your service or product, advertising agency first need to make strategies and plannings. And this is how it looks like :   *Establishing objectives for client's product and services, after that there will be conduct industry research and SWOT analysis. *Then target and segment the audience to identify how a client should position itself. and *Defining any specific marketing tactics if there is any, those tactics are very useful for advertising agencies because they are main factor in making whole strategy.   In some cases, advertising strategy is long-termed action. It's not always good time to launch adds or advertising material, so in those cases client must be patient and wait for "right" time to advertise its services or products. For example a smaller soda company request a advertising from some advertising agency. Advertising agency will do research and see that large soda company is about to launch great advertising campaign and conclude that it's wrong time for media buying. If client wants media buying, large soda company will probably cast a large shadow on his media buying.   Media Buying Agency Focuses   As advertising agency makes plans and strategies, so does media buying agency. Media buying agencies will focus on media or media buying strategy and plannings, and that is probably a key factor of an overall marketing plan that a company or its advertising company created. Long-termed strategies are also true for media buying agencies because of budget that they get from their clients.   Launching your product or service to the top of your business field, advertising agency ( creative agency ) or media buying agency is best choice for you !

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