All about elastomeric roof coating

May 16


Jordyn Whitman

Jordyn Whitman

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A thorough repair of the roof is an enormous cost and a complicated undertaking, which is why many investors try to avoid it, stopping on short-term fixes. Before you make any decision, think about whether it will be more profitable to repair the cover or change the coverage to entirely new ones.


Overview of the roof renovation
To avoid mistakes in the assessment,All about elastomeric roof coating Articles it is worth asking for help from a roofer or even a constructor if you are afraid that the condition of the roof truss is unsatisfactory. You can also discover a lot yourself:

check where the roof leaks - by observing, for example, streaks on the attic slopes and ceiling, you locate damage to the cover - broken tiles or bent roofing sheet - and check the degree of damage;
you will notice gutter damage - when they are torn by snow sliding off the roof, or you see icicles hanging on the connections in the winter - they show leakages at the junction of the gutters;
you will notice all kinds of discoloration or dirt on the cover;
You will see deflection, cracking, twisting of wooden elements of roof truss during a visit to the attic. Such damage can also be noticeable from the cover side - when you see the places where the roof collapses.
The roofer will help check the condition of flashings. It will examine the tightness of the ventilation space under the cover and help locate the leak more accurately. The constructor will catch all the shortcomings of the truss and issue a construction opinion. It will assess whether the old truss still retains its load capacity and whether it will support a new cover, for example of a more substantial weight.

elastomeric roof coating

Metal roofs are the most durable roofs available on the market. But of all these, they still need regular maintenance and care. An important aspect is that they must be cleaned regularly.

You can also make a metal roof more energy-efficient as well as protection. Sealing and painting the metal roof ensures a longer service life, and if it is white paint, it will also reflect the heat of the sun more comfortable.

You will need several tools and materials:

Brush with a long handle
Outdoor work clothes
Wire brush with a long handle
Roller long brush supported
Extension field
Repair of silicone roofs and aluminum gasket
Clean the applicator


First of all, you will need to buy enough to seal the roof. Measure the roof surface and then calculate the correct amount of sealer. After that, you will have to clean and wash the roof. When you do this, also check for damaged locations and repair them. It may also be necessary to seal cracks or several places that have been improved in the past. You can use a spray applicator or a paint roller to apply a sealer layer.

How to apply the first layer of elastomer coating

You must use the same technique of applying the elastomer coating as you did the sealant, only that now you will need to spray in the even lines.

Elastomer coatings are a type of paint that contains polymeric and acrylic materials like titanium dioxide. These elements make the opaque and reflective color. Kool seal elastomer roof coating is mainly used roofs and is usually used in thicker layers.

This type of paint is also more energy-efficient than the usual kind of color. It may reflect more heat than ordinary coatings. It will help you maintain a lower temperature on summer days. They are also great at solving roof leaks.

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