What is Google Adwords? An overview

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Google Adwords is a pay-per-click program that lists ads on the right-hand side of Google search results. In just a few years, Google Adwords has become one of the most popular pay-per-click search engines on the internet and a great way to sell your product.

Unlike Overture,Guest Posting Google Adword bids start at just $0.05, providing a more attractive starting bid for small businesses. But more importantly, Google uses click through rate as a factor in how highly your site ranks in the listings.So even if you bid $10 per keyword, if your site gets 0 clicks, you will be listed very low. On the other hand, a site that bids $0.10 and gets a 10% CTR will rate highly.This method may seem strange to some people, but from Google's standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. Remember, Google's primary goal is to provide listings that are useful to the search user.If a site gets very few clicks, then Google reasons that the site is not proving to be of use to the surfers (based on non-clicks), and therefore the site is listed lower - or delisted altogether.Because Google Adwords has become so big it has become a must for PPC advertisers. Although it takes more time to manage a Google Adwords campaign, you will see that the time spent is well worth it.PROS* The traffic is excellent - in terms of quality and quantity* You can run multiple ads for the same keyword and optimize your ads anytime* Your ads go live almost immediately. For most keywords, there is no waiting period* Bids start at just $0.05Note: these low bid keywords are becoming harder and harder to find.CONS:* If your click through rate is low, your ads will be disabled or slowed. This means you must have the ability to write effective ads if you want to succeed. You must also monitor your account closely.* The keyword tool does not tell you how many clicks a keyword has received. In fact, Google does not have any historical click data - at least not any they are willing to share.Pay-per-click advertising with Google will take time. There are several steps you need to follow to ensure your plan is implemented correctly. The most common mistake among Google Adwords users is choosing the wrong keywords or keywords that are too broad.To research keywords on Google, you will have to signup for a Google account.It's free to join and only requires a $5 deposit to activate your account. In the meantime, you can do all the keyword searches you need for free.After you've pinpointed your marketing niche, write down relevant keywords and phrases. Keep in mind that you probably won't think of anything unique.But, don't limit yourself to what you know off the top of your head. Use different combinations of the same words. You would be surprised to see how many people perform a using a 'backwards’ mentality.For example, suppose someone wants to know more about raising dairy cattle. Instead of searching for 'dairy cattle', she might type 'cattle, dairy' or 'cattle dairy'. This happens because most people are accustomed to searching in alphabetical library card catalogs or the Yellow Pages.

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