Choosing the Best Products to Advertise with Google AdWords

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The best products for Google AdWords are products which are regularly searched by users on the Google search engine.  No doubt some products are better than others, but generally speaking, internet users must be actively searching Google for your specific product for you to have the right kind of product to advertise with Google AdWords.

Pay per click advertising has been used successfully by web merchants around the world to promote their products and services.  Pay per click platforms such as Google AdWords provide merchants an affordable and easy-to-learn way to promote their products online.  But Google AdWords,Guest Posting like any PPC advertising platform, isn't ideal for everyone.  In fact, a large number of web merchants end up blowing time and money on Google AdWords campaigns that never have a chance of succeeding.  Why?  Because Google AdWords is not always the best way to advertise your product.

Before you set out on a Google AdWords campaign to advertise the products you sell on your website, first make sure that Google AdWords is right for your product.  Above all else, the very best products for Google AdWords are any products which are commonly searched by users on the Google search engine.  While some products are better than others, generally speaking as long as internet users are actively searching Google for your specific product, then you have the right kind of product to advertise with Google AdWords.  Otherwise, if people are not regularly searching for your specific product, then unfortunately you're not going to get your ads placed in enough search results to generate significant traffic.

Always keep in mind that you need to be as specific as possible with the keywords that best describe your product, because you'll always want your Google ads to target precisely what people are searching for.  This point is the hardest for new Google advertisers to understand.  Just so this point is clear, imagine you want to advertise two different books:  a book on how to succeed with Google AdWords and a book about the history of Google AdWords.  Many Google AdWords neophytes erroneously believe that both of these books are appropriate for Google AdWords using the same basic keywords.  Yet nothing could be further from the truth.  On the contrary, while AdWords might effectively advertise the first book, AdWords would likely be a colossal failure for the second book.

The reason for this goes back to the intent of Google searchers.  Why?  Because Google ads must always be relevant to the specific keywords people are searching at any given moment - just like the standard search results.  Many of the millions of people searching Google for help with their AdWords campaign would find a book on how to succeed with AdWords quite relevant to their search.  That's good for the first book.  By contrast, how many people are specifically searching to learn about the history of AdWords?  Not too many.  Thus, Google AdWords would likely be a failure for a book on the history of Google AdWords.

As a simple rule, you're probably not going to succeed advertising products that are only tangentially related to what's being searched.  That might work in other forms of advertising, but it doesn't work in search engine advertising.  When people are searching for products in a search engine, they want to get search results that exactly match their queries.  So if you're considering using Google AdWords to advertise, choose the products that precisely match what people are searching.

The question is, how do you know if your specific product is the subject of a lot of searches?  A good way to find out is to use the Google keyword tool.  The keyword tool allows you to view the average monthly search volume for every keyword.  Remember to search all the common keyword combinations that people use to search your product.  If the total search volume is low for your specific product, then you likely won't get enough search queries in Google to generate a sufficient number of ad impressions to meet your advertising goals.

So remember, the best products to advertise with Google AdWords are the products people are actively searching in the Google search engine.  You'll still need to execute a solid website and advertising campaign, but at least you'll be getting started in the right place.

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