What You Can Do With Your Large Posters

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What are the things that you can do and where you can post large posters

You already have your large color posters ready. You have done all the tricks in wholesale poster printing and now you are ready to work with them.

The question is what to do with them? Do you post them on walls like other posters? Do you hang them from the ceiling? Do you put them in the window? Alternatively,Guest Posting do you post them on walls? Do you really know your choices here? If you are clueless with how to deal with them, then I can help you.

In this article, I will teach you how to deal with your large color posters and how to use them properly. Below is a list of good locations and strategies where they are appropriate for use and effective at promotions.

• Standard tactic: High traffic, High Profile locations – First, let us get to standard or basic tactics. The most practical way is to post them at high traffic high profile locations. These are the areas where you get lots of daily people traffic of all shapes and sizes. Transportation nodes like bus stops, train stations, major hallways, walkways and pathways are examples of areas like this. By putting up your large color posters in these locations, you should be able to maximize their use since they can attract many people daily with little trouble at all. This is something that you should do for all your promotions.

• Large poster door promotions – Now, besides those standard tactics, you can go for great alternative ways to deploy. One great trick to go for is to post at doors. Doors will always be meant to be entered to of course. By placing a color poster at high traffic doors, you can easily get constant promotions as long as people still need to get into that room. One great idea for this concept is to post them in bathroom doors of bars, community sports areas and restaurants. People always use those comfort rooms and when they enter, they will then get a dose of your marketing message. Therefore, if the establishment can let you advertise in their doors, you should definitely try it out.

• Repeated wall exposure – Another way is to just post them at different walls repeatedly in several locations. Constant exposure everyday will eventually cause people to really pay attention and remember what the poster is all about. Just be sure to design in an appealing way so that people will not get tired of it easily. Of course, try to target walls and hallways that have a decent amount of traffic.

• Vehicle promotions – Moving vehicles are also a great platform. Busses, trucks and even large SUV’s can be your medium for large poster deployment. People of course pay attention to anything that moves, and if that moving thing happens to have a large poster, they will pay attention more. Just make sure that those moving vehicles are not going too fast for people to see.

• Free giveaways – Finally, what you can actually do is you can give them away. With nicely designed collectible posters, people will actually want to grab one especially if it is free. They will probably post these in their room, at their office or even at their house (if decorative). This is a great way to let your audience do the deployment for you, giving you a nice easy time in promotions.

You can do these different things with large posters. Try these out and spread them out as creatively as you can.

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