13 Reasons Why You Should Install LED Street Lights

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To enhance security throughout the streets, it has become important for every colony to installed LED street lights in their lanes. To know more advantages, read the full article!

Street lights are a sine qua non (an essential condition; a thing that is absolutely necessary) for every city. Obvious of the name,Guest Posting street lights are the lights used in the streets, roads, flyovers, and more pathways. These lights primarily enhance vision in the darkness, for navigation and lumination.

As our dear planet rotates on its axis, we experience different shades of sunlight and moonlight. Likewise, the brightness in our surroundings moves with the movement of the sun. In order to keep it balanced, there is a dire need for an artificial lighting system. 

Street lights are the lighting mechanism for the roads of the city, the outer paths of your house, and dim corners, substituting for the sun in its missing hours. For street lighting, one must consider LED street lights. These lights have innumerable advantages, with minimal drawbacks. 

What Are The Advantages Of LED Street Lights?

Street lighting is not to be chosen with chance, there are many factors to be considered before using lights for the streets. There are many reasons behind the rise of LED street lights for the same. The major ones are given below:

1.  Directional Lighting

LED street lights follow the principles of directional lighting - lighting the crucial areas. These lights are effective because of their focused beam on the pathways, unlike other lights that waste energy by lighting unnecessary elements. LED street lights are powerful enough to brighten the streets with a single beam, added at a regular interval.

2. No toxic Contents

LED street lights manufacturers pay due attention to the contents of the LED bulbs used in these street lights. The bulbs are devoid of toxic elements, such as mercury, argon, neurotoxin, etc. The quantity of all the chemicals used in the lights is duly monitored for health & safety reasons. These lights do not emit harmful UV radiation. Given that street lights are exposed to a lot of people daily, it is necessary to opt for healthy and sustainable options, without risking the health of anyone.

3. Amplified Brightness

Street lights need to be bright - their prime purpose is to lighten the surrounding areas for navigation and visibility. LED street lights provide ample brightness with their high lumen chip, functioning at 30,000 to 50,000 Lumens. These lights significantly enhance visibility at night, promoting more clarity for all. Also, well-lit areas observe fewer accidents and crime and increase the functional value of the area.

4. Longer Life

With the advancement of technology, the lifespan of LED lights is upgraded. These lights last six times longer than their counterparts. This longer life ensures reduced carbon emissions, thus making LED lights an environmentally conscious choice. It also benefits in reduced replacements and lowers costs. This drastically helps in managing the budget.

5. Enriched Color Index

LED street lights have a high CRI - Color Rendering Index. A higher CRI means that the colors of the lights equivocally match the natural colors. Street lights replace sunlight during the evening and night hours and with high CRI (more than 60), these lights match the luminesce of natural lighting. 

6. Eco-Friendly Disposal

Over a span of time, every light has to be disposed of. Regular light bulbs are tough to dispose of because of their negative effect on the environment, especially the land and the area around them. LED lights are relatively easier to dispose of as they do not contain toxins. These lights do not contaminate the environment or the waste disposal land-fill. Thus, there is no generation of toxic waste.

7. Increased Safety

With focused lighting and bright light, the street lights help in maintaining luminosity in dark and dimly lit areas. Street lights work hand-in-hand with safety. Safety is important for residential and commercial communities to healthily flourish. People in such areas are able to move more freely and interact openly. 

8. Better Return On Investment

LED street lights are cost-effective and require less energy as compared to other lighting alternatives. Due to LED’s wide angles of lighting, fewer street lights are needed to light a given area. This aids in increasing the return-on-investment of street lighting, making it an overall smart choice for lighting.

9. Effective Heat Dispersion

Given that street lights stay on for the entire night, these lights need to have a systematic heat dispersion mechanism. Otherwise, there would be a lot of heating issues, lighting issues, and even problems with damaged lights. LED street lights manufacturers are aware of this prevalent issue, and accordingly, use the latest and most advanced heat dispersion systems for LED street lights. Thus, these lights can be used on pavements, fields, roadside, flyovers, and more.

10. Safety For All

Regular lights lead to burns on fingers, arms, and even mild injuries, often happening during repair and replacement. There is no such issue in the case of LED street lights. These lights are easy and safe to use. Even a layman can replace a damaged LED light bulb from the street lights (Please note: it is advised to allow an electrician or a repairman to conduct such activities).

11. Sturdy Material

LED street lights are built with premium quality raw material, ensuring core strength and no cheap alternatives. The lights have a sturdy built, thus holding the capacity to withstand strong winds while staying put. They do not break easily and last for a longer duration of time. The exteriors are robust and durable.

12. Passed Weather Test

LED lights are outdoor lights, meaning they have to face the ever-changing weather conditions, from thunderstorms to intense sunlight, to turbo winds. LED street lights are durable, and can withstand such dynamic conditions. It is necessary for street lights to be unified with the weather offerings.

13. Better-Aesthetics 

Street lights do not just add the essential functionality, they also enhance the aesthetics of the area. With vibrant lighting and sleek designs, LED street lights become a part of the landscape of the city. The pedestrians, subconsciously, take note of every light passing their way, and aesthetically using street lights visually delights them all.


With so many reasons at hand, street lights become quite the preferred choice for lighting. There are so many LED lights manufacturers in India, such as Wipro, Fablite, Philips, HeiSolar, and many more that manufacture and supply street lights in PAN India. These brands are trusted by a lot of people for their lighting needs. All these companies provide prompt service, great customer support, and quality products. 

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