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The spiritualist medium church dates back many years to approximately 1848 when the Fox sisters of New York started what we first came to recognize as mediumship skills.

The spiritualist medium church dates back many years to approximately 1848 when the Fox sisters of New York started what we first came to recognize as mediumship. It is widely believed that this was the beginning of American Spiritualism and of religious organizations such as the Shakers.

Some of the places known as a spiritualist medium church have some of their beliefs founded in the same basic principles of Christianity while still others believe that spiritualism is a religion all to its own and does not correlate with other religious beliefs.

The majority of these religious groups have their meetings in meeting hall types of establishments instead of what the Christians consider a church house. Many of the establishments that are designed and built for the spiritualist medium church include other meeting rooms where the people who belong to the group can participate in many different activities within the structure.

A good many of the places known as spiritualist medium church has grounds they have established as retreats for the people in their congregations. These retreats provide locations where the congregation can take their family and they can enjoy swimming,Guest Posting hiking, boating, fishing, and camping style activities as a family unit without the pressures of the outside world interfering with their beliefs and their lives. While they are at these retreats visiting mediums will come and share insights and intuitions they have with the congregation allowing them to grow spiritually and as a family.

In America there are several of these spiritualist camps that are quite well known. In New York State there is the Lily Dale Assembly, and in Florida there is the Camp Cassadaga, while in Massachusetts there is On-I-Set-Wigwam Spiritualist camp. In Indiana there is Camp Chesterfield, and in Kansas there is Sunset Spiritualist camp. All of these camps are a big part of the beliefs and the activities of the spiritualist medium church and the congregation that attends them.

The spiritualist medium church has been established in almost every country of the world, and in each country there are differences just as there are differences between the separate churches. The one thing that all of these establishments seem to hold in common is their belief that there are powers greater than us and that when we die we leave this body to  become something else. They believe in communication with spirits that have passed on before us.

All religions have grown through many changes and the spiritualist medium church has done so as well. This group does have steady beliefs that coincide with those of the Catholic religions. You have to experience one of these groups to truly understand who they are and what they are all about.

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