7 New Makeup Trends to follow in 2021

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Makeup trends change quite frequintly and so do you. Check out 7 new makeup trends that going to popular in 2021.

If you look at makeup from a women eye it is like the best allies,Guest Posting we will discuss the latest makeup trends for this year, we have a lot of time ahead in this year to look for the professional makeup that will go viral and becomes the fashion trends of this year, we will try to explore all the new upcoming trends in the makeup world. The tone-texture that suits a specific skin, the eye makeup that is good to catch up,  a discussion to choose the products as per skin tone, and how to apply the perfect makeup with a natural appearance to get a good makeover at last.

Let’s discuss the same.


Normal skin is soft, elastic, moist, and smooth, with closed pores and a radiant, velvety appearance, Makeup does not fade easily, and it is easy to apply.


Dry skin feels tight, does not have enough moisture or shine, and lo opaque. Pores are visible and expression lines tend to be notorious Makeup fades quickly.


Oily skin is very shiny, and has blackheads, acne, and dilated pores this skin type tends to be thicker and less prone to wrinkles Makeup fades easily.


Combination skin is composed of both dry and oily areas, such as the forehead, nose, and chin. Pores are usually dilated in the oily zones and there may be acne and blackheads. The dry areas feel tight and can be rough, now it’s time to discuss the new makeup trends for the year 2021


Smoky eyes are the latest trend in the makeup, as the name itself brief it will resemble the same as it implies, the eye makeup having dark eye shadow and eyeliner to get a smoky effect, bridal makeup artist create a smooth and blending shadow all over the lid, it has to be blended over and over at the outer corner for the smoky eye effect, the makeup is classy and famous among all the age groups, looks like an Iconic makeup and universally flattering and it's a simple go-to style that usually works, its looks like sexy evening gown and looks good at night but that does not mean you can’t have it in the day time you just tone down the same and have day time appropriate makeup, just need to adjust your color technique, it gives a sexy, sultry look and as of now very popular technique.


Sunset eyes is a good makeup, eye-catching as well looks good if match with your dress quotes properly, it's eye-catching and having orange, golden and pink, as the name suggests sunset eyes so go with your evening dress need not mention that not to try the makeup in day sun-light.


The makeup needs a good highlighter at the corner of the eyes and you need to contour the eyebrows as well that will lighten the circles and lines that surround your eyes which makes it a little smaller than usual, It depends upon you what highlighter you are using and if you want to glow you just need to use a liquid liner or pencil and a use a good mascara, we have a good amount of options when you are looking for good eye makeup, usually, liquid highlighter breaks the foundation at the time of application so before applying mix it well that matches to your face makeup, this way you get a suitable glow that will go with your skin tone as well.


The makeup looks gorgeous and glides smoothly, it lasts till day end, just take care when you are separating every lash while thickening; give you a free and beautiful appearance that looks a class apart.


Graphic Lines Looks is all over at INSTAGRAM and trending because now a day’s people are more creative enough when it comes to eye makeup, using face mask covering the lower half of the face and in 2021 sharp lines still very much trending, girls especially going crazy out of it and much more creativity for eye makeup in on your way.


You have all colors to play with as per your dress quotes, and eye makeup is a sage and good way to have a nice touch and feel in COVID TIME when social distancing continuing from almost a year to go, still struggling to get an effective treatment and vaccination, It's noticeable that purple eye makeup looks a fashion trend at the red carpet and fashion word at Insta & related fashion magazine, it is considered while doing the eye makeup Purple is the right combination and balance, its depend at the brand shades and products as well, if you are bold enough to try you can even create a smoky eye that looks even more vibrant and subtle.


As of now we have seen different colors in eye makeup, colorful eyeliner all over at FB & Insta, so now it’s time to go with different shades of mascara new trend for 2021, and the best we can go for the blue lashes with mascara coating, just try it out and add one more look to your fashion statement and port-folio to look a different makeup artist and creative enough to do some bold makeup and you will get it done in only a few minutes, for sure you look gorgeous and impressive while playing with mascara colors

Finally, we have covered the latest trend in the fashion world trending makeup that will go strong in 2021, it’s not just the trend that started so early it catch-ups in COVID time and now going strong in the current year as well, the makeup artist had a time when sitting home in lockdown so the time well utilized enough to see the types of creative looks at red-carpet and acceptable to the youth of today that will become the fashion symbol of tomorrow.....so we continue to update the upcoming trends for the Year 2021.

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