7 Safety Equipment and Clothing Companies in Dubai

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Safety matters a lot, here we have listed top companie in Dubai who offer safety equipment and clothings.

Safety equipment and clothing are made specially to protect the staff of a company from potential

hazards at their workplace. Working with hazardous equipment or materials poses a risk of harming their health or body due to constant exposure and handling.

Safety equipment is designed to protect the body parts like eyes,Guest Posting head, feet, or arms. Gloves, helmets, protection devices for eyes, and harnesses are some of the examples of safety equipment. It is the responsibility of the senior management to analyze the dangers that their employees face and see that they are provided with high-quality safety equipment and clothing.

Top Safety Equipment and Clothing Companies in Dubai

In the UAE, many companies deal with superior quality safety equipment and products. Here is a list of the top seven companies;

1- Abid and Ali Asgar General Trading LLC

Based in Dubai, it is one of the leading suppliers of many varieties of personal protective equipment and other safety products. It deals with various industries such as automobile, oil, shipping, or construction in countries such as Africa, GCC, the Middle East, Russia, Afghanistan, and more. Their registered brand name is AAA SAFE, and they stock and distribute various safety products such as safety pants, shirts, coveralls, helmets, safety shoes, safety goggles, road cones, warning lights, etc. They have a vast range of products, and their commitment to delivering top-quality service to customers has led to the success and growth of the company. For their customers, suppliers, and other business associates, they have become a highly trusted name because of their sincere efforts.

2- Access Petrotech LLC

Access Petrotech LLC is a reputed company in Dubai that supplies a wide variety of personal safety and protection equipment. Their clients include those in the oil and gas sector, steel, aluminum, etc. They believe in a thorough understanding of the customer’s project requirements and supply the safety products according to their condition. The company realizes the safety and environmental hazards of the oil and gas companies and provides solutions to them to minimize their risks. They deal with high-quality safety products that give protection to head and face, foot, body, hand, and also provide respiratory protection along with chemical and thermal protective clothing.

3- Ahmed Al Moajil Trading Est

Ahmed Al Moajil Trading Est is a leading provider of safety equipment products. It stocks and supplies only the best brands available in the market. The firm is well-known for its customer service and is the trusted name for clients when they require right quality safety products.

4- Al Hasanat Trading LLC

Al Hasanat Trading LLC. was established in 2004 and has made a name for itself in the UAE as a trusted supplier of high-quality safety equipment products. The company is well-known for its excellent customer service and is also very dedicated to spreading awareness about environment protection.

5- Al Nasr Technical Trading Est

Al Nasr Technical Trading Est. is one of the most trusted names in safety equipment products in the UAE and supplies to companies in the sectors such as Oil and Gas, construction, to name a few. The firm has earned the goodwill of customers because of its customer service and superior product quality.

6- Al Tadhamon Safety Equipment Trading Co. LLC

This reputed company, located in Sharjah, was established in 1972 and is one of the biggest suppliers and stockists of personal protective equipment. It provides some of the best brands, such as STOPAC. TASCO, ALLEGRON, DOUBLE DUTY, etc. to its clients. The products include protection for all body parts such as Executive afety shoes for foot protection, and safety spectacle, chemical and dust goggles for the eyes. It also supplies with ear protection products like an earplug, ear defender, plus welding helmet, and safety helmet for the head, to name a few. Similarly, there are products for face protection along with full-body safety harness, cotton coveralls, and more.

7- Andeli Trading LLC

Andeli Trading LLC, which is located in Dubai, is one of the leading suppliers of safety and protective equipment. This reputed firm strongly believes in providing only the best quality products to its clients and has obtained certification from ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, Standardization System Certification, and also CCC. They have received many other global certifications also.

From the above carefully selected list by DCCInfo is a list of 7 companies, you will be able to choose the right supplier of safety equipment and clothing as per your requirements for your business.

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