5 Best Foodstuff trading companies in Dubai

Jan 21


Danish Maniyar

Danish Maniyar

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Listed below are the top companies delaing in Foodstuff Trading in UAE.


Foodstuff trading companies are those firms dealing with the trading of food items,5 Best Foodstuff trading companies in Dubai Articles such as pulses, grains, refined oil, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, spices, etc. These food items are required by companies that manufacture processed foods, ready-to-eat food items, pickles, and also by hotels, restaurants, caterers etc.

Many families today prefer eating out or ordering food rather than cooking at home. The massive demand for such food products has led to the tremendous growth of the food industry. Foodstuff companies are also adopted the latest digital technology to cope with increased competition and improve the efficiency of their processes.

Many reputed foodstuff companies in Dubai supply the requirements of various establishments like hotels, restaurants, catering services, shopping complexes, retailers, etc. Some of the foodstuffs that are traded include sugar, dry fruits, spices, processed fruits, rice, wheat, pulses, to name a few.

This is a list of the five best foodstuff companies in Dubai:

  1. 3my Foodstuff Trading LLC: This well-known private limited company founded in 2003 has its office in Dubai. The firm is a part of the Food and Drug Retailers industry. The highly-qualified personnel of the company focuses on giving its clients excellent service, and it makes sure that all the products supplied are of top-quality and delivered in time. Over the years, the firm has received an excellent reputation for its valuable service and quality of goods.

  2. Aalishan Trading Co. LLC: This is a reputed company dealing with the production, supply, trading, and exporting of Basmati Rice. The firm exports to countries, such as the United States, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, the United Kingdom, to name a few. The company has earned a good reputation in the foodstuff sector through its excellent service and high-quality products. The firm is known for its on-time delivery, as also for its competitive pricing. The company believes in giving the highest possible service to its customers and is supported by its skilled and experienced staff.

  3. Aaron International Trading LLC: This reputed firm, founded in 2010, is a preferred supplier for many reputed companies on account of its global trading expertise. The firm is one of the topmost suppliers of fresh fruit in the Middle East region. The company is committed to delivering only the best quality products and deals in an extensive range of products. The company’s vision is to be the leading importer, exporter, and supplier of fresh, top-quality foodstuff and is associated with many global suppliers. The company also wants to be known as an environmentally sustainable firm and takes extreme care to see that its processes do not affect the environment adversely. All its employees are trained to be considerate of the environment, and all the company’s partners have also got the same viewsabout conserving natural resources and reducing wastage. Through its eco-friendly policies, the company is able to cut costs and supply its products at low prices.

  4. Abdulla Al Hamadi Foodstuff Trading LLC: This well-established firm located in Dubai deals in food retailing business activities. Because of its outstanding customer service and quality products, the firm has become one of the best companies in the food retail sector. The company is ably supported by its staff that is aptly qualified and well-trained in the food sector.

  5. Aderwayab Trading Co. LLC: This another foodstuff trading company which supplies top-notch quality foodstuff. All its products are supplied at very competitive prices. The firm’s products are compliant with all necessary regulations and give the buyers more than their value for money invested.

For all your requirements of superior-quality food items at affordable prices, contact any of the above-listed companies to avail of a high-speed delivery and excellent customer service.

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