9 Reasons Why Window Tint Film is Best

Aug 24


Chris Mark

Chris Mark

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Window tint film is a thin film retrofit upgrade coating that can be installed to the interior of glass surfaces in automobiles, boats, homes and buildings. In the process of window tinting, heat rejection film is applied to the interior of flat glass windows to reduce the amount of infrared, visible light, and UV radiation that may enter through the windows. If you are a home owner, business owner or car owner who is not sure whether to consider window tint film, well, here are 9 reasons why window tint film is the best tint film.


Window tint film is a thin film retrofit upgrade coating that can be installed to the interior of glass surfaces in automobiles,9 Reasons Why Window Tint Film is Best Articles boats, homes and buildings. It is made from Polyester material which is usually 2 to 7 mils thick (about 0.002 to 0.007 inches). Two or more layers of the film are bonded together to form multilayered barrier against everything, from Ultra Violet rays, Infrared rays to scratches. In the process of window tinting, heat rejection film is applied to the interior of flat glass windows to reduce the amount of infrared, visible light, and UV radiation that may enter through the windows.

Uses of window tint film
Window tint film has many uses which include the following; UV filtration, thermal insulation, heat and glare reduction, safety and security, privacy, protection from graffiti, decoration/ increase aesthetic value, signage and branding. Also correctly applied mirror film can create one way mirrors.

Types of window tint film
There are many types of window tint films that are available in the market from variety of manufacturers. Below are the different types of window tint film according to how they are manufactured.

Dyed films
It’s also known as colored window film. This is the most basic type of tint film. It contains a simple layer of dyed film, which not only absorbs heat, but also reduces onlooker visibility. It is commonly used in automobiles and outdoor vehicles. In its production, color is added during the melting and stretching process. Normally, there are some impact cock pit visibilities from within the vehicle, but this shouldn’t worry you because it will be minor. Due to the application of the dyed tint film on the interior side of vehicle windows, the heat rejected by the film is partially stored in the glass itself and the external air movement serves to draw most of this built up heat away during normal driving. This is the cheapest film available in the market.

Deposited films
Manufacturing of this type of film involves a more intricate process in which the film is drawn through a tank containing certain types of metal ingots (usually nickel or aluminium). The pressure in the tank is then reduced creating an artificial vacuum, which is then filled with argon gas and the ingots are heated, causing the metal to emit particles that move to the film surface. Deposition technology is relatively inexpensive and mostly used, however it is limited by the types of metals that can be used in the manufacturing process, resulting in a fairly restrictive product line with few options.

Sputtered (Metallized) films
This process is a bit more complex than deposited films. Sputtering is also done in a vacuum chamber, the same way as in deposited film, but the metalizing characteristic is achieved at the atomic level.  When manufacturing sputtered films, electromagnetic fields, argon gas (or any other type of inert gas) is directed towards the metal. This process causes very small groups of molecules to separate from the metal and uniformly deposit onto the film. Unlike deposited films where very limited number of metals can be used, sputtering can be done with over 20 different types of metals; this makes the process more versatile and results into much lighter and thinner coating. It gives a rich color appearance which many people may appreciate. Metalized films are a bit more expensive that dyed films.

Hybrid films
Making of this film involves both dyed film layer and a reflective metalized layer to achieve superior results. When the reflective properties of the metals and the absorption properties of the dyed films are combined, less of each material is required thus resulting into a slightly lighter tint with equal or greater heat rejection than all the films discussed above.

Ceramic window films
This is also a modern window tint film technology and a relatively new development in the industry. It is the highest quality film in the market. It is valued by those who appreciate true quality, therefore if you want to install this type of window tint film in your home or business, expect to spend above 300 dollars.  It is manufactured with Nano-technology. Ceramic window tint film contains dyes that can result into discoloration. In addition, it is highly durable and serves to strengthen the glass to which it is applied. This practically eliminates the possibility of glass shattering in case of a collision or even an accident. Ceramic window tint film is highly resistant o fading, discoloration, cracking and bubbling. This type of window tint film may cost between 10-15% more than regular window tint film, but its advantage is that it is the most durable and it can reduce energy transmission by as much as 80 percent. It also provides a substantial increase in blocking UV rays and the ability to control heat transfer.

If you are a home owner, business owner or car owner who is not sure whether to consider window tint film, well, here are 9 reasons why window tint film is the best tint film.

1. Window tint film is affordable or Cost friendly:
Window tint film is a cheap alternative to etched glass. An etched glass creates a decorative look that can enhance your home, car, office or even a business. Etched glass is created by sandblasting or using laser to cut designs into glass, this is usually an expensive process.  If you install a window tint film, you will get the same beautiful appearance as etched glass. Window tint film does the same work as etched glass but at the fraction of the cost. Window tint film transforms a plain looking glass into an art at an affordable price. So if you undecided about which tint film to use, I am assuring you that window tint film is the best. Another good thing about it is that it can easily be removed or replaced as your needs change. Also with window tint film, you don’t have to replace the entire piece of glass when you wish to change the look of a room with decorative window tint solutions.

2. Window tint film is easy to use:
Professionally installed window tint that provides an etched glass appearance can be installed in a short amount of time, and uninstalling it is also easy if you need change. Etched glass on the other hand is a permanent method. To change the look, you have to remove the existing glass and install a new set of glass, this is very expensive and time consuming.

3. Prevention of Glare:
If you are a car owner, having your car windows tinted will shield your eye and prevent glare from direct sunlight or other sources of extreme light. This will greatly reduce chances of you getting an accident or knocking other road user due to blurred vision.

4. Maintain your interior designs’ quality:
The sun can damage many items such as floors (eg, hardwood flooring), furniture, carpet and drapes which you may have in your home, office or business. They may end up with faded areas which may ruin your interior furnishing. Installing a window tint film will not only save your flooring and furnishings from damage but also limit the amount of UV rays (main source of fading) that enter your home or even business. It is cheaper to have your windows tinted rather than buying furniture or gargets every now and then just because they get damaged by too much exposure to sunlight. It therefore reduces their need to be replaced all the time and saves you money.

5. Window tint film provides safety/security:
Security films if installed can prevent glass from shattering. This is usually applied on commercial glass. These type of films are made heavy-gauge plastic and are intended to maintain the integrity of glass when subjected to heavy impact. When applied correctly security film can provide protection for architectural glazing in the event of an explosion. Decorative window tint film provides an added benefit if glass breakage occurs due to storms, tornado or any other unforeseen circumstances. Window tint film will help hold the pieces of broken glass together thus reducing shattered glass particles in the room and making clean-up easier. Also tinting your car or home windows makes them stronger and has the ability to withstand impact from an object.

6. Window tinting film provides privacy:
The majority of home owners and car owners have always had their windows tinted so that they can have increased level of privacy. A decorating window tint film can increase privacy while still allowing enough amount of light into the room. Metallic window tinting films in either bronze or silver are the best for home owners who want high degree of privacy. Some tinted windows can also allow the one inside the house to see what’s on the outside but the person outside can’t see what’s going on inside the house. Tinted car windows hide the driver and passengers from public eye and strengthen the car window. They also create the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Having the windows thoroughly cleaned before film installation is very important to prevent imperfections that may show up after installation. Privacy films therefore reduce visibility through glass. Private films for flat glass that is applied to commercial applications may also be silvered. For automobiles are available in gradients of darkness, with the darker tint commonly known as “limo tint.”

7. Heat dissipation:
Nothing is more pleasant than entering a room in the middle of summer when the temperature is soaring outside and finding a cool oasis inside. This can be made possible partly by installing window tint film in your building. Window tint film is an extremely cost effective way to reduce heating and cooling cost in existing buildings by reducing the amount of heat transfer through glazing. Tinted or metalized window tint films reject large amount of heat and visible light in addition to UV. This minor change can therefore help keep the temperature much lower in your home when it’s hot outside.

8. Protection from harmful UV and IR rays:
Window tint film can be manufactured with cyclic imino ester, which is the chemical responsible for blocking the UV rays. Having a window tint installed in your home will protect the residents from suffering from ailments such as premature skin aging, wrinkles or in worse cases skin cancer. Tinted car windows protect the driver and passengers from UV and Infrared rays. UV is one of the main sources of fading, installing window tint films with UV radiators will therefore prolong the life of your fixtures and fittings. Installing a good quality window tinting film will block up to 99% of UV rays from entering your home or car.

9. Protect your glass windows:
Installing window tint film will protect the glass windows of your home or car from scratches and graffiti. It has graffiti films that protect your windows from these kinds of damages. Also it leads to reduced chance of theft because valuables are less visible.

Graphic design films are generally colored vinyl or frosted. Frosted films closely resemble sandblasted or acid-etched glass. Vinyl films are available in different colors. These type of films can be applied in industrial applications.

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